Monday 3 August 2015


Hey friends,   
Finally am here with something really interesting post …yes “LIPSTICK TALKS”… a series where I am going to share many things that I learn, I noticed and I experienced. I divided the section according to my discussion points. And I will post everything on lipsticks here part wise so that it will be easy for you to follow too :)
Few days back I ask my readers to pour in any question related to lipsticks, thank you, I got huge response and it was really hard to sort out all the questions at one place but finally am done and so the post is up now …so let’s get started…today I am talking about some common myths and doubts that most of you think…


MYTH: Beauty bloggers are always beautiful so they don’t need to think about lipstick shade.
TRUTH: We all are human being and we do have flaws too, we might love to talk about beauty and makeup but we all are not perfect. It just that we learn how to hide our flaws and highlight our best feature.

MYTH: Any shades suits you all beauty blogger but we are not beauty bloggers so what to do ?
TRUTH: If we buy any shade by our own money we make sure it suits us, but most of the Pr samples are not of our choices but we do try to make them appealing in front of you no matter how odd it look on us. And if it still don’t match our skin tone we simply mention that in our post too. So , in short we do undergo many problems like you too :)

MYTH: Fair skin girls don’t have to think about shades as any shade will suits them but dusky skin beauties always have to think before we buy…
TRUTH: Wrong, I am NC 35 in Mac but I found dark shades like purple based look horrifying on me. Neither dark brown suits me …again too light shades like neutrals don’t suits me as it washes my skin tone so fair skin girls do have limited shade choices like dusky skin girls.

MYTH: I can’t try all shades they don’t go with my skin tone. I love oranges and corals and neon pink but I don’t think it will go with my complexion.
TRUTH: If you are confident to try out different shades then I have few tricks and tips that will make any color suits you in your own way…;)

MYTH: As the shade suits beauty blogger it means it will suit me too isn’t it ?
TRUTH: Well, if you have the same complexion then definitely you can give a try but still I would say it is better to check by yourself in store before you invest your money on the same shade that look appealing on beauty blogger as everyone has different views regarding texture of lipsticks, pigmentation and shade choice. You never know the shade you choose seeing a beauty blogger is actually look neon shades on you. So it is always safe to check the shade on store before you buy.
So, these are the most basic questions that ask by my many readers. There are many more questions and doubts that I got in my mails which I will definitely share in my next part. Do pour your suggestion or any question in the comment section below regarding any other myths that I skipped or you want to ask me, I would love to answer them all :)

 A very big thank you for flooding my mail box with all your mails from past few days, this proves how much you people Love me…thank you keep loving and support me like this and I promise I will try my level best to come up with many many interesting post in future :)
See you in part II !
Sammy :)


  1. Love the way u elaborate each n every thing n even I thght that beauty blogger are beautiful that's y all colours suits them .I also have a question . how to make lipstick long lasting??

    1. Hey poonam thank you for commenting sweetie :) Yes yes don't worry i have the answer of your question too :) just wait for this week, you will get your all answer.s i will posting the series everyday from today :) so no more waiting long :)

  2. A very informative read.. enjoyed it

  3. Great post Samannita..I can totally imagine hearing similar questions

    1. Hey so so true Agni ..i got loads of mails just on these kind of similar questions so that give me the idea to start a series on lipsticks :) And thank you darlin :-*

  4. Thnk you so much darling fr ur reply
    loads of luv to u n to our chotu Singh (ur Son).


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