Friday 29 April 2016


Hey friends,

So today I am up with another beautiful palette from Morphe brushes. I already reviewed Morphe 35B palette (you can check my review here and you see the tutorial with this palette here). Coming to today's post, it is the most raved and hottest selling palette in Morphe brushes website. I was eyeing on this palette for months to grab it. Every time I look for the palette it is out of stock. Finally, those days of staying awake till midnight at weekends paid off and finally I grab it.

A beautiful palette with all warm shades that will definitely melt your heart is MORPHE 350 PALETTE.

Price:-$22.99 + shipping.

The palette is little pricey when it comes with a huge amount of paying to ship. If you don't want to order direct from websites, as it goes out of stock within few minutes of re-stocking every time then there are few Instagram and Facebook sellers who sell this palette too :)

The palette comes in a beautiful sleek black case usual packaging of Morphe brushes palette. It consists of 35 beautiful warm shades of browns and orange along with shades of beige for highlighting purpose. The palette is lightweight and easy to carry although the huge size might not fit into your small travel bag. The sleek packaging not so sturdy enough to survive in falls so one should be careful handling that huge palette.

The palette is a mixture of both shimmers and matte. The shimmery shades are pretty pigmented while one had to work a bit with the matte ones. With primer, every single shade comes out beautifully. The shades have very minimum fallout which is quite okay with me. And they stayed more than 6hours intact on primed eyelids. One can create a variety of eye looks with this palette.

  But all I miss in this palette is "I wish it has one matte black eyeshadow  in this palette as without which I found this palette is a little incomplete, as I can't create that cult smokey eye look without that one black matte shade if I had to do one palette tutorial look". Over in all, I am really happy with this palette and I think it totally worth the hype and money ;)

So, Summing up:-

  • Sleek packaging.
  • Little flimsy packaging.
  • Might not survive in fall.
  • Pricey.
  • Not travel-friendly due to the huge size.
  • Beautiful warm shades.
  • Versatile shades.
  • Stays pretty 6 hours.
  • Fewer fallouts.
  • Pigmented.

So here is one kind of look that I created with this palette.

That's all for today.
Until then...

Love Sammy :*


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