Monday 9 May 2016

Review of Patanjali Aloevera Gel :-

Hey friends,

So finally I am going to start reviewing all those Patanjali products that I brought three months back. After using it continuously I think it is the time when I should share my experience with the product.

It is needless to say that "Patanjali" brand is an Indian brand which created much hyped nowadays among us. I saw many bloggers raving about the brand. Moreover, I was quite tired by seeing loads of renowned beauty care brand selling their beauty care products having loads of chemicals. So, whenever I start using the beauty care products from those high-end brands I end up with one good effect and one side effect. So, this time, I decided to go for herbal.

 Now the concept of herbal is really confusing in all brand. I start using "Patanjali" as it claims to be herbal but still I found it contains few chemicals but that is an another topic which I will discuss later,for now, my thoughts regarding chemical contain on Patanjali product justified as "I shouldn't bother of chemical contain in Patanjali product because firstly a number of chemicals are very less compare to other brands that I used before. Secondly, as the pollution level is so much increased in the environment now anything that is 100% herbal will not work as great as chemicals". 

Price:- Rs.75/- for 150ml.

Available:- any Patanjali store, or online store of, amazon, Flipkart.

Coming back to review, It is always a pain to look for aloe vera plant and scrap it to get the gel. For a lazy girl like me, it is like climbing the mountain. Thankfully my search for Aloe vera gel ends on"Patanjali aloe vera gel" which is the most raved product. It is the first product that sold out first in my nearby store.

Patanjali aloe vera gel claims to natural beauty, safety during any small cuts or burns and heal pigmented spots.
The gel comes in a transparent tube with a flip cap opening. It is travel-friendly packaging as no spilling out of gel by pressure. The consistency of the gel is thick and the color of it light green (which is not natural, it is the permitted color). The mild smell of aloe vera gel (I guess it is the smell of aloe vera, as I never smell aloe vera before so can't say surely :P )really soothes my senses. 

The quantity of the gel is although 100ml but trust me it is a huge amount. As very small quantity is required and so this gel tube will last for months. My first tube lasts for 3 months.
The gel is really soothing on the skin. It is especially ideal for the summer season as in winter the gel tends to dry out your skin. So, one has to apply any day cream or night cream over aloe vera gel in winter to stop prevailing dryness. I use this gel as my first base every time I wash my face with face wash. The gel works really well on my skin. It reduces the spot of all acne or pimple marks on my skin. With the continous use of it, I found that my skin is improving. I feel that it turn out more healthy than before.

I use the gel in many ways.

  • I use the gel on my cuts and small burns for soothing my skin.
  • I use it as cream on day and night before going to sleep. If I feel dryness after the gel is absorbed, I apply any day cream/night cream over it.
  • I apply the gel over my any acne or a pimple as spot application for overnight and it dries out my acne /pimples within 2-3 days leaving no mark on my skin.
  • In summer, I keep the gel in the fridge so whenever I think my skin is thirsty I apply a thick amount of it all over my face and leave it for hours to absorb it.

So, here are thumbs up & thumbs down points.

Thumbs up:-

  • Affordable.
  • Easy available.
  • Tube packaging easy to carry.
  • Have fewer chemicals.
  • Multi-purpose gel.
  • Soothes skin in many ways.
  • Perfect remedy for acne/pimple in spot application.
  • Removes pigmented spots.

Thumbs down:-

  • Little chemical, not purely herbal like it claims.

Over in all, I can conclude "Patanjali Aloe vera gel" is a multi-purpose aloe vera gel. If you are someone who is as lazy as me when it comes about "DIY ALOEVERA GEL" then definitely this product is made for you. A few chemicals present in it which can be ignored as nowadays nothing is so called"herbal". I am quite happy with this gel and am on my second tube now and you can guess from it that the love will continue...

See you in my next post. Keep smiling.

Sammy :*


  1. Compared to other aloe vera gels in the market i find this amazing n value for money.. m a fan of patanjali products bt they can be a hit or miss

    1. I agree Nats. Thankfully it turns hit for me whereas I know few people who said this gel doesn't suits them.

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  3. Hi Sammie, I was wondering if you could help me with this query. As i live in a hostel and have no access to a refrigerator, is it compulsory to refrigerate it?

    1. Hey hi, no sweetie you don't need to refrigerate this aloevera gel before applying. Although it is suggested that aloevera gel work good when refrigerate but i use this one without refrigerate and it works as good as equal to refrigerate one :)

  4. Hey hi.. Thanks for the review.. Can we apply this patanjali aloe Vera gel before applying foundation??

  5. Hey hi.. Thanks for the review.. Can we apply this patanjali aloe Vera gel before applying foundation??

    1. Yes you can but then make sure you apply some sunscreen on top of it if you are going out at daytime.


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