Thursday 28 June 2012

My new elf waterproof eyeliner pen Teal that i regret buying!

I brought this eyeliner from style at the cost of Rs.269/-

It has a nice narrow tip,easy to apply.

Below is the swatch of the eyeliner !
 It is a nice deep midnight blue color perfect for fair complexion mainly..

now why i am regret buying?
although it claims long stay and smudge free,waterproof  but it doesn't fulfill any of the above it is easily wash away in water leaving a sky blue color that can't removed easily even with the make-up remover,almond cream,soap(i tried all this) thus leave a messy,not cleaned look .it is easy applicable but matte finish..which i think its minus point as i prefer little glossy( but should not be a problem for those who love matte look,it is my personal preference) and the last reason of regretting is it shows it's original color i.e.the blue color only in sunlight but in other light it is almost black in color...

My ratings: 2 out of 5 .
will i recommend this? no,no,no...(i personally feel lakme is far better than elf eyeliner pen in every aspect..)
have you tried it?...well,this is totally my personal experience with elf eyeliner..
Feel free to posts !.........


  1. Looks good, but elf product are available at so less price abroad! Do check my blog,

  2. Sad that it didn't workout. We will try to avoid this next time. Also till the prices come down in India, we will stay away from ELF too.

  3. its realy a great deal that only for 269 rupee I love to buy that one


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