Sunday 24 June 2012


Review: Nivea lemon & oil shower gel

  today am gonna tell you my review regarding Nivea shower comes in a transparent plastic bottle.the color of the gel is green having very small exfoliating yellow particles (don't know exactly what they are ! )

it has pampering oil pearls and revitalizing lemon also says "soft skin hydra IQ feelings " . 

it requires a very small amount just like a one rupee coin and has a very sweet lemon scents that lingers while bathing,but stay hardly an hour after bath in humid place like kolkata.but gives a very fresh feelings after bath.

will i buy it again ?
yes,b'coz of the beautiful scents and the felling of freshness.
pocket pinch? - Rs.165/- for 250ml (quite affordable)  .

that's all for today.just let me know your review regarding this shower gel ! :)


  1. hello smannita i have noticed it in UT... will buy...nice review :)bangalider bloging e interest dekhe valo lagchhe

  2. hey thanks !actually Bengali ra sob pare sudhu korte chai na ! :)


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