Sunday 29 July 2012

Hair care !

Biolage daily hair care routine:-

 As i promised to review the Biolage products that i brought from style today i am gonna post review regarding biolage range...!
First one is the Biolage oil nourishing is the snap...
 Price:-Rs.190/- for 200ml

The shampoo comes in green plastic bottle with a flip-top cap...thus easy to pour...! 
 If the flip cap is removed then you can see that it has a broad mouth,thus help you to put back excess of product if in any case you pour large amount(often happens to me in hurry ! :)

The shampoo is crystal clear in it is..
 Needless to say that require less amount...smells up good lather...leave your hair soft,smooth and shiny !
Key ingredients:The ingredients that attracts me along with other some chemical composition are : olive oil,almond oil and coconut oil...

Next is the oil nourishing conditioner....
 It comes in a flat bottle having flip-top cap.
 Price:-Rs.155/- for 98g.
The conditioner is white in color,creamy in texture,smells nice.
 Apply onto wet hair,leave for 5min and rinse out.
But compare to the shampoo the conditioner doesn't moistens my hair much...still i use it as i need a conditioner after shampoo that's why i use it otherwise it is not so good ! atleast doesn't suit my hair much !!!

Now the Star product of my it is.

Biolage hair smoothening serum. smooths dry,frizzy hair.

Price:Rs.225/- for 200ml and Rs.425/- for 400ml. It also comes in flip-top cap opening followed by broad mouth ! the serum is crystal clear in color !
I am using this hair serum from past 7 years,and trust me whatever be the shampoo or conditioner you apply that doesn't matter the end you will definitely get a smooth,manageable hair if you applied this serum on towel dried hair after every wash with shampoo & conditioner. 
How to use?
Take a small amount of the product in hand and apply on the entire length of towel dried hair and leave on or blow dry as your again throughout the day if you want to add shine to your hair.
It makes hair soft,manageable,frizz control !

Availability of all three products are easy,quite affordable...except the serum (which i brought from a parlour) i brought the whole range of biolage from style
My final verdict: 
As long as I don't find any good shampoo & conditioner compare to these "not so good shampoo & conditioner" i will stick to it for my daily hair care regime otherwise i won't buy these shampoo and conditioner once again as they doesn't help me much !
But the serum?? well,as i told you i am using this for years so i will definitely love to stick to it.

What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner? do let me know...
Feel free to post your feelings !


  1. Nice review :)
    My fav Conditioner is Himalaya protein conditioner I am Loving it.It makes my hair so soft n manageable n also add shine to my hair.
    About the Shampoo? I haven't till find a perfect shampoo which i can say that i love it...currently m using biotque heene leaf shampoo bt m not liking it,after i started to use it i observed hairfall..:( i hate it

  2. @amee yes this is the problem with shampoo...i changed atleast 8 shampoo still searching the right one !

  3. Hair care is shown in the post here. Useful post


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