Monday 16 July 2012

My new Shower Gel:

As i told you before that i am a "productoholic"(a word created by me which means a person obsessed with various products) so i keep changing my shower gel for the search of the right smell kinda smell every time a bottle of shower gel came to an end..and telling you the truth that i tried almost all the shower gels of oriflame..this one i brought in the month of June in it is...

Discover Santorini blue paradise shower gel

Worth:Rs.269/-(i brought in Rs.209/-)
It comes in blue plastic bottle having flip cap covering the wide open mouth of the bottle.

The shower gel itself slight blue in color.Here it is..

Require less amount and form good foam under shower.
Having a very nice smell of freshness but Alas!!! doesn't stays long just wash away after the bath except the bath place lingers with the smell for an hour !! (really strange)
I will not recommend it to wastage of money !!! 
My ratings : 2 out of 5.(It doesn't worth it !!!)


  1. hi dear.. nice revu.. this product can easily be given a miss... this is one authentic site where i can find revu of all oriflame products tht makes buying from the catalogue super easy... nice work u r doing... accept hello from ur new follower :) pls follow me back..

  2. Nice review with a lot of freshness and cline. I think it can give us a lot of freshness after bathe. After all the aqua color of this product are more attractive. I think the smells of this product are also attractive. I want to use this product.

    Shower Gels Edt Middlesex

  3. yes u r right the smells are really good so u can give a try ...and thanks for stopping by and reading my post !


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