Monday 9 July 2012

Passion for red !

Hi ,
 today am gonna tell you something about which i found myself really crazy...! 

"RED"...what comes first in your mind from this word?..let me know..huh.

 okay now back to my post..well,if you ask me then for me red means "positivity", "love"..and at the same time it also signifies "blood" that has double meaning...not that type double meaning :) means "war",and also means saving someone's life by donating blood.i read somewhere that Chinese think red color is "shubh" means removes all darkness i.e removes they use this color in there every festival...

okay,okay...i know you already start getting bored of my blah ! blah ! talking...must be thinking that i am mad...hahahaha ! well that's the post is all about "my craziness".... !!!
well,on serious note am gonna show you some snaps that shows my love for red color..okay no more talking...let's just jump on the snaps !!!!

except one in the left corner of you all three are shades of red..but as i consider pink is a shade of red too that's why it also included here!!
my red lipstick..from oriflame
my "red" lip balm,from Vaseline..:) just love the strawberry smell..
My perfume..coincidentally the bottle is red in color too,didn't thought about it while buying except the smell !!! :0
my red salwar suit

my red wedding is a traditional benarasi that we Bengali used to wear in our marriage ..hmmmmmmm bring back those old memories....

my red key chain...loved the puppy in red

my red cup !
Even the curtains of my room are red...crazy na? 
now showing you some of my stuffs which are red too..!
Well,these are the few pics that shows my passion for favorite color.
which is your favourite color ? how you show your love for that color????..
fell free to post...


  1. i love all colors ....i never make out which is my fav. but i ended up buying more green stuff though nowadays i am loving red rose colors thats my blog background color may be after few days i fell in some other colors....u have pretty nice red collection...:)


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