Friday 10 August 2012

Fabindia lavender and basil soap

Today i am gonna review Fabindia lavender and basil is the snap...

I was just bored of using shower gels and creams so i thought for a change brought this i love the smell of lavender i thought to gave it a try.

The first time i saw the soap,just love the packaging.a thin plastic cover through which you can see the soap ! really nice packaging !

The most nice thing is that the company claims that "Fabindia is against animal testing" which i love it,although i am not a pet lover.i think animals looks good in forest !.....anyway,back to my review ! :)

The color of the soap is little bluish purple and it looks similar to all those glycerine soaps...

Net Weight:100g
Self-life:2 years (i know it is not necessary about self life as soaps doesn't last long,just giving you a little info !)

Now the ingredients:Sodium Laureth Sulphate,Cocobetaine,Saponified Castor oil,Cotton seed oil,Coconut oil,Glycerine,Propylene Glycol,Sodiun stearate,Sodium Laurate. [i know it really doesn't matters about the ingredients...i mean who cares for a soap???such a boring job to write this ingredients.Hats off to those bloggers who used to wrote in their every posts ! ]

My opinion: Like the the smell but the smell doesn't lasts long after bath !
The soap is although gentle on skin but leave your skin little dry.

Will i repurchase it? may be or may be not as i love the smell of lavender but can't promise to stick to the same brand ! 
Easy available in
Little expensive compare to the khadi soaps (will review soon).
Here comes to an end of my soapy story !!!
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