Monday 13 August 2012

The Body shop Tea Tree Oil

Today i am going to review The Body shop Tea Tree Oil.

It comes in a small bottle with a narrow applicator.thus easy to apply.

The oil is clear in color and non-sticky in nature !
Price:Rs.465/- for 10 ml
A bit expensive one but required just one drop per pimple or acne basis.

How to apply?
Well,the store girl told me to take a thin film of cotton.

Pour the oil onto the cotton.

put the cotton directly on the pimples or acne,like this one...

after 15mins when the oil will get absorbed remove the cotton.but i found the in a dry cotton much oil is absorbed by it ,so i apply each drop of oil directly with my fingertip,thus require less amount. 
A slight sensation may occur.

My recommendation:yes !!

My final verdict:-
The first time i start using this oil i didn't found any change in size of my pimples but after using twice a day for 3 days i found it nicely reduced the size of my pimple and finally its gone without leaving any anybody going to use this oil should have patience and have to use continuously.
 Note:Avoid using the oil if going out.

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  1. Why should one avoid using when going out? And considering the cost of getting the tea tree oil, will it be okay to mix the bottle content with small amount of water.... I've been using it for over 4 months now, and there has been a great improvement.


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