Tuesday 11 September 2012

Another Liebster Award !

Hi friends,
I guess there is showering of liebester awards upon me ,as it is my 5th award .this time it is my blogger friend Supriya who gave me this award !

Thanks Supriya !
So as per the rules, I need to:                              
  • Post 11 things about myself
  • Answer the tagger's questions            
  • Tag and pass the awards to 11 other bloggers
  • Create 11 questions for the bloggers to answer
  • Go to the bloggers page and inform them about the award.
Now 11 things about me:-
I love chocolate.
In this world i love most my Son.
My hubby is my best friend.
I love Chinese and Thai food. 
I came to this world ogf blogging just 3 months ago.
I love to browse internet,giveaways,games.
My fav.color is red.
I am addicted to lipsticks.
I am poor in NOTD .
Love to watch movies.
I am a great foodie.

Now I have to answer the tagger's question! So here it goes.

 1. Favorite Blog
Hahahaha....good question...every blog that encourage me to buy more and more makeups.
2. Kohl or eye liner

3. Morning person or a Nocturnal

Ofcourse morning person as my son wake up early :(
4. Ice cream with soda or Ice cream with cake

Ice cream with cake.....lots of calories :D
5. Beach or Hill station

Hill Station
6. Preferred outfit for Winters

In kolkata winter is just like Summer...!
7. Favorite neon color you flaunt on your nails

This question is not for mine....i always like to wear something in brown or pink or mauve shade !
8. Rs. 20000 ---- Shopping for clothes or jewellery

Shopping for clothes....as gold cost a lot and the budget is small :D
9. Sms or call

Sms as it save money....so that i can more and more makeups
10. Active or lazy (Common, admit it!)

Want to lazy but for my son i have to active :)
11. Best quality about you.

 I am caring and can be a good listener ! 

Now i pass the award to the following bloggers :-

Amee of   http://fashionwithmodesty.blogspot.in
Ruby of http://beautyaccessorized.blogspot.in/
Aditi of  http://budgetbelleza.blogspot.in/

and my questions are same as Supriya ask me as i just love to answer her questions and want others to answer the same !!!



  1. Congrats swthrt...U deserve evry bit of it....keep up the good wrk n keep rocking!!!!!
    Thnx a ton fr passing it on to me.....am flattered :)

  2. wow sam... just loved reading ur answers.... especially the being lazy part... i know i will have to be the same once i bcm a mommy... :)

    1. hahahaha i wish u good luck ...hope to hear the good news from you soon supriya ! and thanks for giving me this lovely award ! :) :)

  3. congrats and thank you so much dear to pass on the award!

  4. yupieeeee another award..thnk u so much di for passing this award to me :)


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