Sunday 16 September 2012

Elle 18 lipstick review and swatches of shade Pinken 31:-

Hello folks….
Today i am up with my review of Elle 18 lipstick ....
It was those days when Elle 18 launched their very first lipstick I tried it..But my experience was total disaster…!!!

But after a long time reading a very good review of Elle 18 lipstick in my friend Smita’s blog I decided to try some different shade…but firstly I just love the color and secondly I just don’t have much faith on the Elle 18’s quality…So i pick up the same shade as my friend have ...

So here goes the review in short:-

Self-life:-30 months.

Here is the lipstick.nice color. It is lovely pink color !

Here is the swatch of the lipstick.


  • The packaging is really customer attractive,cool,in fact I just love the case !
  • Glides on lips easily.
  • Staying power is 2-3 hours without having food or drink.
  • Nice moisturizes your lips.
  • Cheap in compare to the quality.
  • Easy available in local stores and online too.

It has only one…that is the smell,that little irritates my nose but the good thing the smell doesn’t stay more than few minutes…it fades away !

 Here i applied it on my lips without lip liner and foundation !

My final take over the product:-
I just love the quality of the lipstick..i guess it has been improved.Pocket friendly .

My rating:-4.5/5 due to the smell.

Will I buy it again?
Yes but a different shade for sure :)
Have you tried any other shade of Elle 18?
Feel free to post.
Ciao :)


  1. nice review di
    beautiful suits u very well :)

  2. Really nice review....Love the shade... :)

  3. I also have one shade from elle 18 and i love it :)

  4. Such a lovely blog you have :)

    you are welcone tocheck mine out :)

  5. nice is looking nice on you...i have iced coffee in this range and this shade.

  6. awesome shade..looking too cute on you!! i would love to try

  7. nice review....looks awesome on u.....coz u r very fair....and pink suits u well.... :)

    1. Smita this post is inspired by you as you are the first one who reviewed this lipstick first ! :)

  8. I love pink lipsticks, in fact any pink makeup tempts me hehe
    Nice pink blog you got ;)

    Followed you from fewunecessary's blog where I did a guest post on rimmel's foundation.

    maila @

    1. hey Maila thanks for your lovely comment...will follow u back for sure ! :)


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