Thursday, 27 September 2012

I won Sagaciously beautiful giveaway !

Hello every one,
 This time again my post is related to the giveaway i win (feeling lucky i guess :D ) is non other than Sagaciously Beautiful's giveaway !
The parcel came today so i just sit down to write down the post about my giveaway ! 
Here is the kit...but this Indiapost people again ruined my kit...some of the eyeshadows,blushers are broken into dusts.....trying to fix it..... :(
A big thank you to Vish of Sagaciously Beautiful for organizing such a lovely giveaway !


  1. Congratulations dear :)
    U r lucky month ;)

  2. @HnB,Jasmine,Preethi thank a lot gals........... love you all ! :)

  3. hey :)
    thanks for the post but really feeling bad about the India post ppl spoiling the kit :( :( :(
    Hope you get awesome looks with the Kit :)


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