Thursday 4 October 2012

Khadi fresh Jasmine Soap

Today i am going to review my current soap that i am using last two weeks...It is non other than kahdi fresh jasmine soap.

Now let see what the company claims:-
It is a herbal glycerine body wash (?????????? body wash a soap lol !!! )
It is handmade bathing bar .
An ayurvedic body wash (now see this is not my mistake...i wrote as per written in the soap ) cleanses the skin and body dirt. It removes dead cells from skin and giving smoothness and soft feeling.
Usage:- Apply body wash (???) on wet body and face,rub to produce lather then wash off.

Ingredients:- Each 100gms contains:-
Jasmine 0.25g, ghartkumari 0.25g (i guess it's a spelling mistake...must be gritakumari..tell me if i am wrong ), haldi 0.3g, Loohra 0.4g,padmakh 0.7g,madhu 0.3g,glycerine 1 g,purified water q.s.  ,base to make 100 grams.

Self-life:- 24 months.

As you can see the soap is yellow in color...transparent plastic covering is there ! 

Now my take:-
The day I brought this soap I have loads of expectation as I have a good experience with the khadi lavender soap…but alas ! it won’t stand up my expectation as in short it is not good at all…why? Here are the reasons below…

  •  The smells doesn’t stay long. In fact the smell of jasmine is so mild which fades away while taking bath with the soap.Like the foam ,the smell of jasmine wash away too.
  • The soap melts very quickly  where as the lavender one took three weeks to came to an end.
  • Does not work up good lather (I always prefer foaming /lather wash…who don’t? ).
  • Compare to the quality I found it bit pricey.
  • The packaging is simple and not customer attrackting…I found the plastic cover little torn when I got my they had to be little careful with the packaging I guess…!

As I mention all my points above so I guess no need to wrote down the Pros (which I don’t find any) and cons (that are too many).
My ratings:-2/5 due to all the cons
I will not buy it again neither will I recommended to anyone.

Have you tried khadi soaps? Which one?Do share with us.
Thank you for stopping by.


  1. ohh.. so sad it turned out to be a dud!!.. are all khadi soaps like this only??

    1. yeah it is sad that it won't work out...but the khadi lavender is good one !

    2. ok.. will try that one.. after all its a steal at this price :)

  2. no i dint try khadi soaps yet! but handmade soaps doesnt lathers much.. m not buying!

    1. yes i know but the lavender one lather well and smells really good !

    2. handmade soaps of soulflower are awesome shourima.. they are on an expensive side but worth every penny :)

  3. Hi Samannita,

    I quite like the points that you have said about Khadi fresh jasmine soap. But Khadi soaps (including this Jasmine) boost of their natural ingredients that many other soaps also don't.
    Also, compared to 100g of soap, jasmine ingredient is only 0.25g. So, that may be the reason that the smell does not stay long.


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