Monday 1 October 2012

My giveaway winners !

Hello everyone !
I am finished with my giveaway and here is the result as i just can't wait for another day....i am too excited to announce the winners !
Thank you for making my giveaway such blog and successful....!!!
Due to huge response i decided to announce two winners and here they are...
Smita Singh and Shourima Ghosh.(to see the result click here)
As Smita is My first winner so she will get the goodies that i kept on my blog giveaway and Shourima will get some surprise Goodies !
Both Smita And Shourima Congratulation...Plz email me your details so that i can forward your goodies !
And those who can't win don't get disheartened...another grand giveaway will be coming soon :)
Till then Plz visit on my place to check out some good posts...!


  1. omg I am winner ...yehhhhhhhhhhhh thnx a lot toa :) u made my day ...I am so happy :)

  2. u deserve i was personally counted all the entries and then did was choosen as 1st one followed by Rimi !

  3. yehhhhhhhhh luck is pouring on me these days.... :) I am mailing u my address :)

  4. Congratz Smita and Shourima..... :)

  5. Congratulations Smita di n Shourima :) :)


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