Wednesday 16 January 2013

Review of Rusk Sensories full Shampoo and Conditioner .

Today i am up with Review of Rusk shampoo and Conditioner that i brought few months back SEE HERE.

Yeah ! i know now a days i am posting little less,its all because of my net connection,it is not working properly .Okay now back to review :)
I brought both the shampoo and conditioner from salon but you can found it on [i think i saw there once].
oops my hair !!! everywhere :P

Okay firstly about Rusk Shampoo ! 


Price:- Rs.875/-
Quantity:- 400ml

Here are the picture of the ingredients present in the shampoo ! all Chemicals :(
Although it claims to have Green Tea And Alfalfa [ see the above picture] but not listed in the ingredients list :( 

The Bottle come in a sleek plastic bottle with a flip cap opening.The flip cap can open by twisting leading to the broad opening of mouth ( which might help you to put back the excess shampoo if you squeeze many through the flip cap,which i often does in hurry :P )..

Now my Take on the product :-

The First day i brought the shampoo i was eager to finish my regular Tresemme Hair fall control shampoo that turns out to a disaster to my hair and i believe in changing my shampoo in every 6 month as i want to avoid  build up in hair.
The Shampoo was given by the parlour girl claiming that it will add volume to my thin hair along with control the hair fall to some extent . For few weeks [for 2 weeks i think] the shampoo works great on my hair but after that  i found that my hair getting very dry,with lots of frizzyness :(

The Color of the shampoo is slightly greenish,gel like texture and little runny and it smell like any other green tea extract product.

The price and Amount is too much .I mean it is a expensive one ,and also the quantity is too much to end up as it require very less amount.I think it will work great if you have oily scalp but for normal to dry scalp like me should avoid this shampoo !

The smell of the shampoo is little strong so might be irritating a bit to owner of sensitive nose. 


  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Customer attractive.
  • Amount is much more .
  • Require very less amount.
  • Work great on oily scalp and oily hair only.


  • Expensive.
  • Availability is an issue.
My rating :- 2/5 [as it doesn't goes well in my dry hair].
My recommendation:- If you have oily scalp and oily hair only then this shampoo shall work great [i am guessing it ] otherwise you should not try it .

The Rusk conditioner:-


Price:- Rs.875/-
Quantity:- 400ml

Here is the picture of the ingredients list of the conditioner !

As you can see the shampoo and conditioner are just identical in packaging  so skipping that part of description of the bottle i straightly jump to My take on the product !

 The Conditioner is whitish green in color.The texture is really thick so you have to put a lot of effort to take it out from the flip cap opening .

The conditioner require a lot amount for my dry hair still i think it is not enough to moisten my hair [don't blame my hair,it is not that dry ].I somehow feel that the conditioner doesn't suit me also like the shampoo.Together they created a disaster in my hair :(
The price is very high, i mean who will buy a conditioner at Rs.875/- where as L'Oreal Professional ,Schwarzkopf  range of shampoo and conditioners are much cheaper and far good in quality.
The conditioner not only disable to moisten my hair but also makes my hair very dry and frizzy .
Although you can see the I almost ended up the shampoo and conditioner, just waiting to end costly that my heart breaks if i throw it so finishing it by using it regularly on my hubby,and on my family :P


 I think a conditioner being too pricey and not even able to moisten up my dry hair doesn't worth to mention in the Pros :(


  • Pricey.
  • Required a lot.
  • availability is an issue[its good i guess because i think i would never think to try it again].
  • doesn't moisten dry hair.
  • makes hair frizzy and dull.
  • promotes little hair fall too .
This is the first time that i don't find any pros in a product ,too sad !  :sob :sob

My ratings:- 2/5 [all for the cons]

My recommendation:- 

No from my side as i don't know whether it will work on other type of hair or not so it better you avoid it .


  1. Nice review di. But too costly and mine is already dry hair. :(

  2. OMG Too pricey lol Sam... but not worth for the money.... :(
    Nice Review dear :)

  3. Very good review Toa :)
    Missing your posts......

  4. Hello,

    Any voluminizing product will ALWAYS be drying. It is a rule. Because your hair becomes drier does it look voluminous. Moisturized/Nourished hair will always be sort of put together and flat-ish types.

  5. Hi,
    yes it's very true i know about this but particular this shampoo doesn't add volume to my hair,so little add only dryness and frizzyness .


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