Monday 25 February 2013

My first Rimmel haul # 2

Recently Rimmel become top on the makeup loving people list. As they launch very few counters in India so it became very difficult for me to get it .But As soon as added Rimmel on their brand list,without thinking twice i grab few products from their site.The price are quite affordable too.
Today I am going to share my Rimmel haul pictures :)
I brought the following:-
  • Nailpolish.
  • Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in heart breaker.
  • Stay matte pressed powder.
  • Scandal eyes mascara.

So,this is my mini haul from Rimmel :)

I hope you all like it.
Have you grab any of the products from this brand ?

[P.S. first two image source is from internet ]


  1. oh my my.. m so j toa.. loved ur haul.. most of the Rimmel stuffs are out of stock on I so wanna want them all especially scandal mascara and lippies.. :(

    1. Hahahaha...i know because i too want to buy some more stuffs of rimmel but mostly are out of stock,thank god that i grab quickly as i saw it :)

  2. awesome haul... the np's that i wished to buy are out of stock :(

    1. awwwww .....i too want to buy few lipsticks that are out of stock :(

  3. Stay Matte and Scandal Eyes are heard to be very good..liked the nail paints too :)

  4. wowy... nice haul. nail paints r so nice <3

  5. Hey how much do you get this February? You have been so lucky this month! Nice haul

  6. omg...lovely haul...i wanna try the scandal eyes mascara....and i love those nail polishes..i have one in disco ball


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