Friday 1 February 2013

Review of Schwarzkopf Hair Growth Shampoo

Today i am up with review of Schwarzkopf shampoo.After the devastating experience of Rusk shampoo and Conditioner SEE HERE my hair need something really good so as to overcome the storm that "rusk"  brought with it  :P

So i brought this shampoo from .

Price:- Rs.650/- for 250ml 

Here are the picture of the  ingredients in it ,i know all are chemicals but i think sometime chemicals are necessary to wash out former buildups that i think happen with my hair :(

The bottle comes in a sleek packaging with flip-top cap opening. 

The Shampoo is colorless and little thick in texture.It smells really nice,which lingers for hours even after wash . 

Now My Take on the Product:-

I just love the brand Schwarzkopf . I admit that their almost all shampoo smells same but i really love the effect the products from Schwarzkopf gives to my hair always .
Okay now coming to this particular shampoo,i just love the smell .require less amount to work up good lather. The Shampoo leaves my hair already soft without conditioner [yes,right now i am on ban of it i am always in hurry :P ] so i guess +1 for it. The shampoo claim as hair growth shampoo but i don't see any new hair growth in my scalp,but at the same time I notice less visible hair fall [My usual problem with hair :( ] . The shampoo also reduce the frizzyness of my hair to some extent :) So in short although it not enhance any hair growth but still i love the effect it gives to my hair.

Now Pros:-

  • Sleek packaging.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Require less amount.
  • Work up good lather.
  • Leaves hair soft after wash.
  • Controls frizzyness of hair to some extent.
  • Controls Hair fall to some extent.


  • Price is little high.
  • Doesn't stand up to its claimation of hair regrowth.

My ratings:- 

4/5 [1 mark deducted for the Cons ].

My recommendation:- 

Yes. If you really want something that control your dry,rough hair then you can try this .

Have you tried any Shampoo from this brand ? which one?
Feel free to comment.


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