Sunday 17 March 2013

My P-Tablet from Corallista's Ankita !

Today I am up to share my happiness with all of my friends and followers....I hope you all already guess it from my Heading of the post...yeah all are right ......Yayyyyyyyyyyy ! Atlast I got it..the parcel just arrived few days before but being on my parents house I can't post the pictures...But here I am back with all my pending posts starting with this lovely Gift that i won in Corallista Makeup Blog as third prize.... A SONY P-TABLET.
And here are the pictures !

At the end A big thank you to Ankita for this lovely and grand giveaway and this post is dedicated to you Ankita ! :)


  1. Thank you so much Samannita! I hope it reached you in perfect condition! I hope you enjoy using it :)

    1. Thank you Ankita,yes it reached me in perfect condition and I am really enjoying using it :)

  2. wowwww!!!!! congrates toa!!!! njoy ur gadget!

  3. Congrats Samannita..:)
    Lucky you Dear. <3

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