Wednesday 20 March 2013

Quick review #2 Lotus herbals Neem Face Wash !

I am back with another quick is Lotus Herbals Neem face wash

Price:- Rs.160/- for 120gms. also available in 80 gms priced Rs.125/-

Now please refer the following pictures for company claimation alone with direction of use :-

Here is the picture of the list of Ingredients in it 

Now My take:-

I brought the face wash few months back when i was having lots of acne ,after using for while i found the size of my acne decreases but cured,waiting for few more weeks i found that ultimately it started working.The face wash comes in a tube container with a flip cap opening. the face wash is gel based greenish color.require very small amount to work up good lather.It smells nearly minty...[.I know i am very bad in judging smell so avoid this part ;)] gives a fresh,clear feeling.
Very good for removing makeup as well as oiliness.

Here are the Pros and cons of it .
Easily available.
Require less amount.
Helps to cure acne to some extent.
Can be use to remove makeup too.

The only con i found is that the face wash although clear my acne but can't stop to occur again..i know i can't blame for this to my face wash as we live in polluted environment ....

My ratings:- 4/5[ i hope you all can guess it why...all for the cons]
My recommendation:- yes,you can try it if only you have oily skin otherwise it it might be drying.

Have you tried this face wash yet?


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