Tuesday 27 August 2013

My haul post and some more !

Hi friends,
After a pretty long time here i am back with my recent shopping pictures. I won't say i shop all at one month but i did it from last 3 month and doing it in a collective post . Well, it's true that i am not writing for my blog from pretty long times but you can see my guests post in VANITY NO APOLOGIES,MAKEUP AND BEAUTY HOME of Lancy and in  INDIAN BEAUTY ZONE OF Radha. There are few ideas that are also clicking on my mind now a days to do it only for my blog ...so just wait as i guess i am the laziest person in this world....

Between this is the picture of our first blogger meet.....ah ! lovely ..just thought to share with you all :)
Love you all guys and muahhhh ! to all :D 
Poo we all missing you in this Picture :(

Starting from left are Chandrayee, Anindita [my bestu frnd in this world of blogging :) ], Agnirupa the flawless beauty,Me, and Sharmistha,the lovely...!

Anyways here are my haul pictures .....

Recent MAC launches there TEMPERATURE RISING  and I am the new fan of MAC  can't wait to grab one so just hop into the store and grab this peach blush ....yayyyyy ! along with brought few more stuffs too :)
The blush is already reviewed here

Next is THE BODY SHOP haul which i did on provoking by my sweet friend Anindita...as she was buying a huge stuffs from the store during there discount season so I can't stop myself :)
Anindita,this is for u dear .....:) and for you all too :P

Okay moving to next haul picture !

I hope the pictures said everything ...thanks to Renji and Renu the two beauties who promote this Accessorize exposed palettes free on Facebook....hehehehe...thanks a ton huh ! 

Okay here next part is again some stuffs from  BOBBI BROWN, MAC [very obviously].
The lipstick from BOBBI BROWN  is pink Lilly which is gifted, followed by MAC RUBY WOO AND MAC PROLONG WEAR LIPSTICK IN LOVE FOREVER ! 
Phew ! loads of efforts were given to get these two beauties from MAC...you know cal them for weeks before they got new stocks,booked them ,grab them in time ......

Just can't stop clicking pictures of these beauties ...

Okay, now coming to the last pictures ....well,got both the parcel today one from Bshop from Rekha Mohan and next is Eco tools brushes from my relative.....

Rekha thank you , its being now one year that i am shopping from this Facebook group and I am totally loving there service and effort they are putting ....Here are the stuffs from Bshop ...some Sleek and MUA  stuffs.. along with that gloss is gifted for shopping from there group, which I just love it !!! 
Thank you Rekha :)

And last the picture is of the Eco tools brushes.....:)

And last but not the least is I want to share some pictures of my vellvette box of July...yes July not august as I am still waiting for my august box I mean bag though ...hehehehe....

So that's all for today ...I hope you all like my post and I am feeling bless doing a post for my blog after a pretty long times...
Love to you all ! muaaaaahhhhh ! 


  1. All of you girls look lovely <3 Enjoyed your haul pics dear :) and Thanks for the mention <3

    1. Thanks Rekha for commenting and for the lovely gift of yours :)

  2. Awesome haul post.. love each and everypart of it... :)

  3. Am so happy that I was able to recommend the lovely vintagey accessorize palette for you!!! <3 enjoy!

  4. wow haul my lovely toa :*..
    u r looking pretty darlin <3

    my recent haul :http://www.indianbeautyforever.com/2013/08/recent-mac-and-sleek-blush-haul.html

    1. Teju thanks dear <3 you toh always look damm pretty ...no need to mention it ...love u sweetie <3

    2. nice to see Anindita...:)
      aww...thanks toa :*

  5. who all are there in pic pls mention that too, its interesting to see girls whom you chit chat via blogs, MAC lipstick shades are awesome. Seems you girls enjoy a lot shopping

    1. Oops ! my mistake :) Mentioned now :) and thanks for your lovely comment dear :)

  6. omg ki haul :O loved each n everything..super J <3

  7. omg..!!!
    thats a great haul :)

  8. Wow wow and wow ... First of all it's amazing to see u all together :) .. And what a fantabulous haul sammanita .. Loved it :)

  9. WOW !! I loved your haul - Jaw dropping stuff dear :) Those lippies n brushes n those palettes <3 <3 <3 My My !! :)

  10. Awesome Haul! Dying to go to Bobbi Brown!

  11. i am drooling!! MAC pink shade <3

    my recent post : http://vogueandvittles.com/wedding-diaries/wedding-diaries-kaleere-chooda-chura/

  12. u all are looking fab!! its so grt u all could meet.. :)
    nd nice nice shopping.. good phatka to hubby dear and i am sure he won't mind.. hahaha...
    waiting for reviews dear...

  13. hey dear.. do participate in my ongoing giveaway!


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