Thursday 5 September 2013

Swatch Gallery- Swatches of Avon lipstick in Mauve delight !

Hi friends,

From today going to start a new post on Swatch gallery, as i use to buy loads of stuffs but sometimes without showing the swatches i start using it and finally when I am over with it i sell it ...So thought from today I will do swatch posts where you can get to see some swatches of the lipsticks and the reviews too [if they are already reviewed on other blog,by me].
So, starting from today here I am up with some swatches of my favorite lipstick from Avon and that is none other than Avon simply pretty lipstick in mauve delight!

Without much more wasting time here are the details pictures and swatches of the lipstick…sorry for little bad quality of the pictures as my camera was not working at that time :(

Anyways, I hope this pictures will give you little hint of what the color is actually!

Hope to see you in my next post here :)

Love you.


  1. It looks lovely. I like how its build-able, I need to try Avon, xoxo.

  2. I have scarlet from this range.. Great start :)

  3. Superb Swatches Samannita :D I loved the post :))

  4. Pretty pigmented shade :) I loved the color :)

  5. nice shade toa...loved it..
    keep sharing <3

  6. nice idea dear.. will wait for the swatches.. actually it will help us also while buying anything from your sale! :)

    1. Yes supriya that's why i thought to start this swatch gallery :)

  7. grt idea dear... and nice color it is..
    actually such posts will help us to decide while you host a blog sale :)

  8. OH its a beautiful shade. I m yet to try avon lipsticks :)


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