Monday 7 April 2014

Review of Avon anew Vitale cleanser:-

Okay so here after reviewing the cream I am up today with the cleanser that I was using from past 1 month till now and thought it is the high time to review it. I used the cleanser and the cream together to see if they results any great differences.

Price: - Rs.799/- for 125g.

The cleanser claims to gives instantly youthful looking glow on skin. After using it for 3 days at AM and PM (like I did) promote a clear looking clear even-looking complexion with youthful restored skin. And in 2 weeks it will reveals radiant, youthful skin and healthier looking complexion with minimum appearances of pores.

The cleanser comes in a nice tube packaging with pink flip top cap. The packaging is travel friendly no doubt. The cleanser is gel in nature but the constituency is thick for which only a small drop is enough to clean face. The gel cleanser easy to form foam on face and after washing it I found a clear looking skin. The claimation of instant glow after washing is true but I suppose that is the nature of most of face wash, nothing special. Next I keep o using the cleanser for past 1 month and I must say it requires really less. 

The Cleanser although gel like but never tends to dry my skin after washes. I feel softness in my skin after using it. The gel is smooth on skin which is at the same time good and bad….as the cleanser is really good for daily purpose but I found it is at the same time not so harsh on my makeup when I tend to remove my makeup with this cleanser …so I can conclude from this that that the cleanser is really good for daily purpose. I didn’t found any drastic changes on my skin as I told earlier when I was reviewing the Avon vitale cream (read here) but the cleanser made my skin glow, and gives softness to skin. The cleanser smells really good and at the same time the smell is very mild that will vanishes immediately after washing out. I found two pimples on my cheeks on the second week as I told earlier during my cream review which is still there and the cleanser was unable to cure it to any extent. So definitely it is not going to work on your pimples. Over in all the cleanser is good to hydrate and moistens your skin but definitely not going to work for pimples. I haven’t saw any drastic change on my skin but can feel softness and a glow on my skin. The face wash is really good for dry skin.

My ratings: - 4/5

My recommendation: - The face wash is really good for dry skin mostly. So I would recommend it for dry skin people mostly.

Avon brings a awesome range that is pretty good for dry skin. The price may be sounds little pricey but Avon always come up with offers sometimes so just keep your eye on the catalog and grab it from your nearest Avon representative if you really want something for your dry skin !

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  1. This seems great! I have oily skin so won't work for me.

    1. i know , it might work during winter on oily skin else good for normal to dry skin mostly :)

  2. I have normal skin..will try definitely..
    Great review dear :)

  3. Sounds good for winters nicely reviewed :D

  4. Sounds amazing and very well written review! Loved your clicks <3


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