Thursday 9 July 2015

A Smokey eyes look with neutral lips perfect for office wear:-

Hello everyone,
I know you must be going to kill me for posting one after another tutorial only not reviews. 

Actually am pretty bored of my usual review so thought to concentrate on my makeup look mostly for time being for a change as now a days am very much into trying out new makeup look. I tried many looks. From dramatic to sizzling hot smokey eyes… ;) 

But this time this look is a requested look that I am doing for one of my friend come follower and definitely it’s for all who want to try out smokey matte look in office without feeling dramatic…And her criteria was I have to use brown and black shades with neutral matte lipsticks only so I tried something and here it is ….

Okay as it is a simple office wear look so my main focus was to complete the steps in 15-20mins and that too in much less and tricky steps. So, here are just 4 simple steps I did ….

1.First I took a brown eye pencil and apply it on my half of entire upper eye lid starting from my upper lash line towards crease. Then smudge it with a smudge brush in such a way that it covered up my entire lid and not crossing the crease line. And it will look like dark shades on lash line gradually fading towards crease line.

2.Secondly took a matte brown eyeshadow with a blending brush and apply it on my entire eye lid up to crease line to blend the harsh line of that brown eye pencil liner. Yes you heard right up to the crease line so that it look like transition of shades on crease line and as eye shadow on entire upper eye lid.

3.Thirdly apply black kajal on lower line, smudge it with smudge brush and then applying it back to give a jet black smudge kohl look to lower lash line. It will create a good contrast with the upper brown smokey eyes.

4.Apply loads of mascara on both upper and lower lash line.

The brands i use for my eye makeup look are :-

Note:- I use brown eye shadows and eye pencil on upper eye lid and black kajal for lower lid because it is for office look and we don’t want to look like dramatic in office that too in day time. It is a soft smokey eyes that you can carry and try apart from your daily eyeliner-kajal-mascara look. 

To maintaining the neutral look I apply Avon lip liner in neutral shade on my entire lip first, then Mac lipstick Mehr which is a beautiful matte rosy tone neutral lipstick.

To keep the look fresh and matte I use on my entire face the following:-

Mac studio fix liquid foundation in shade Nc35

Colorbar pressed powder in shade003 sandy n*de.

Sleek contour kit in light (you can skip this part as it is not needed in this office look, I did as my face was looking flat in pictures or you can go with light handed with this highlight and contour section if u are confident about highlighting and contouring. And this sleek contour kit give medium coverage so I can bet that you will never end up look like clown. So perfect for office wear)

Next I applied a coral blush on my cheeks but you can skip this part too but I will recommend to use blush just light handed just to give some fresh glow on cheeks.
And here few more pictures of my look !


That’s it and you are ready …I did the entire makeup in 20mins as I was deciding which blush should I go for so was late a But if you keep all the things ready in front of you before you start it will take hardly 15mins, just remember one thing PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.
So, dropping my pen here and wishing you all a very happy weekend ahead! See you in my next post …

Do share your views regarding my this look, I would love to hear from you all :)



  1. love the makeup look...u look so pretty!

  2. Awesome tutorial sweetie...
    u looking v pretty sami :*

  3. Awesome tutorial sweetie...
    u looking v pretty sami :*


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