Thursday 23 July 2015

MAC x Bao Bao Wan Lipstick Burmese kiss:-

Hello everyone,

I know I am posting monotonously one after another lipstick review on my blog , it just that I am a lipstick lover and I have many pending post on it…sorry for keeping you all waiting …And yes definitely I will up with some other kind of post too …pinky promise***

Well, today’s lipstick is Mac Burmese kiss from Mac Bao Bao Wan collection. I know, I know…you never heard of that collection as it never launched in India …Then you might be wondering what the point of reviewing it? Definitely you looking meh at me thinking “you get it doesn’t mean we can get it too”…Lol...Chill, I have a good news….it is I have a dupe of it too ;) So yayyyyy….

So, let's get started...   

The lipstick being limited edition from Mac cosmetics. We all know that Bao Bao Wan is a “high-society darling, artist, pop philosopher, muse and jewelry designer” and also “one of China’s most renowned style stars”. Mac collaborate with Bao Bao Wan and create four beautiful lipsticks that are drool worthy. The four Lipsticks are LAVENDER JADE, FORBIDDEN SUNRISE, ROMANTIC BREAKDOWN and BURMESE KISS. Although all the shades are pretty bold. And that’s why it keep me in doubt that leaving only two shades Forbidden Sunrise and Burmese kiss the other two won’t suit Indian skin tone much.

So After long research on swatches that were available online I decide to pick the beautiful coral pink lipstick Burmese Kiss. I am a blind lover of limited edition Mac packaging when there is something different than usual packaging. It add beauty to my lipstick stash: P lol such a lame excuse to have limited edition lipsticks….

Anyways back to review, the lipstick comes in a beautiful velvety brown packaging with a burnished metal finish along with a signature of Bao Bao Wan.

All the lipsticks in this collection are bold and flattering to mostly fair skin people. I admit I am fair but the shades look so bold on case that I was in dilemma that whether it will suit me or not. But after applying one coat on my lips …Jesus! It is so pretty…it enhance my warm skin tone. The lipstick Burmese Kiss is a beautiful coral pink with matte finish. The lipstick glides smoothly on my lips without any tugging or pulling the lips. The vanilla scent of Mac is definitely add on when I buy Mac lipsticks, as I just love the smell. The pigmentation of the lipstick is amazing. It stays pretty 6 hours on my lips along with heavy meals. And yes it look amazingly beautiful on my lips too…lol I just can’t stop admiring myself …: P

So, in short finally a bright coral lipstick on my stash that I can use anywhere or anytime without feeling out of place. 

The only thing I hate about Mac that despite we Indians are crazy for Mac but Mac seems like skipping India when launching about most of the beautiful limited edition collection. I mean why??? I hope Mac listening us that “we love Mac, and we want all collection to launch in India too”.

Now coming to the point why I share the review if it is not launched in India? Because girls, I got a dupe of it and that too from a renowned drugstore brand at half price with near about same quality…
Here it is …See the swatch side by side…to know more about the dupe just wait for few days my review on this lipstick will be up too :)

Here are the lip swatches of Mac cosmetics Burmese Kiss on upper lips and Faces lipstick Pretty me on lower lips. Pretty close dupes ;)

For now, me Sammy putting my pen down and leaving you with my loads of  FOTDS…!


See you in my next post!

Stay beautiful…..

Sammy :) 
Note: " the lips swatches are taken on different lights so you might found different in different pictures and on you too. We bloggers always try our level best to come up with best shots and my pics might be cropped but i stop editing them as i think it is better to show you how it actually look on me rather than making the lipstick swatches look pretty.  Although hand swatches of lipsticks are always different when you apply on lips"

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