Tuesday 22 March 2016


The first step in achieving a beautiful flawless skin is cleansing
Finally the first product of my “BEAUTY SERIES” is up for review. There are many face wash products in the market, but whenever I find myself that nothing suits me I switch to my regular face wash and that is from HIMALAYA HERBALS.

Himalaya Herbals is the brand which comes up with a variety of product from face wash to face cream, mostly for oily skin. I remember the ad that the brand first promote where a girl tries to hide her pimple in every way and finally end up on HIMALAYA HERBALS PURIFYING NEEM FACE WASH. It was that day till now I found that I use to go back to the same face wash again and again.

Packaging, Price and Availability:-
The face washes available in a variety of sizes according to price, which is quite reasonable. The face washes particularly in this post is 200ml which is priced Rs.150/- (you can get it in discount from nykaa.com)

My experience:-

The face wash packaging comes up in a variety of bottle. I usually prefer to carry the tube packaging whereas whenever I stay at home I prefer the pump version. No matter whatever be the packaging or price of this face wash, it gives the same effect that an oily skin need. The face wash has a mild medicated smell which doesn't irritate that sensitive nose. 

The face wash comes up in gel form. The texture is thick for which a little goes a long way. I particularly use this product either to clean my oily face or as the last stage of cleansing my makeup residue. The face wash deeply cleans my oils or makeup residue. It may make your skin little dry during winter if you have normal to oily skin. But it definitely goes well during summer.

It is very common that after prolong use of any product our skin behaves immune to that product so it is always necessary to change the product after a certain period of time. No product is good or bad unless and until you tried it personally. I am particularly a big fan of HIMALAYA HERBALS brand, so I always used to come back to this face wash again and again.
The brand do have a large range of face wash for different type of skin. So you can definitely try out any one of them according to your skin type.
This face wash plays an important role in my beauty care regime on the daily basis and after using it for more than one year I think it is the best time that I share my experience with you all.

Have you tried out this face wash yet? Or which one is your favorite face wash? I am really eager to know from you too :)
See you in my next post soon :)


  1. I just bought the same product few weeks ago, but still use my old facial wash until I finish it. Your review make me really want to try it now, because looks like it works good for oily skin!

  2. Yes it work really great on oily skin and I am loving it a lot :)

  3. This dried my skin a lot. So nomore himalya for me. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Yes, it may vary from person to person. It's suits me well but it is not necessary that it will suit everyone. We all have different skin types :) thanks dear for your comment :)


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