Monday 4 July 2016

MAC Holiday 2015 Magic of the Night collection Lipstick:-

Gotcha! I know I am pretty late in posting Mac holiday collection…the break from blogging actually made me over energetic nowadays that I started posting each and every post that saved in my draft from a long time. I know I am late in posting this collection but the two lipsticks that I am going to share my experience is pretty from Mac permanent range. Yeah, thankfully and so don’t kill me and let’s head over to blog post ;)

About MAC Holiday 2015 Magic of the Night collection:-

Every year Mac always launch Holiday collection. Last year the collection was a huge success. They launched four beautiful lipsticks among which two were from the permanent range in limited edition packaging. 

I skip the limited edition shades as those two shades were not for me and I grab two shades “ALL FIRED UP” and “PLEASE ME” (both are from Mac permanent range but re-launch in this collection in Limited edition Packaging.)

Oh boy! The packaging of the lipsticks is worth mentioning. The packaging is a beautiful magical combination of pink and purple metallic case (hope I describe the packaging well :P ) like the name of the collection itself “Magic of Nights”.

Coming to the lipsticks from MAC Holiday 2015 Magic of the Night collection:-

I know most of you have both lipsticks, still for the sake of post let me tell you once again please (for newbie, you can check out my review here ;) )

Both the lipsticks are a matte finish. “PLEASE ME” is a beautiful mid-tone warm pink matte lipstick, whereas “ALL FIRED UP” is a pretty “bright fuchsia matte.” lipsticks. “PLEASE ME” belong to the matte range of Mac Cosmetics lipsticks and “ALL FIRED UP” is from their Retro matte collection range.

PLEASE ME is a perfect daily wear neutral pink lipstick, perfect for warm skin tone. I usually paired up this lipstick with either Smokey eyes look or with winged liner and jet black kajal look. 

The lipstick is matte in texture and stays pretty 6 hours on my lips. The lipstick glides smoothly without any tugging or pulling of lips. It has that awesome vanilla scent which fades after few minutes of application. The lipstick is quite comfortable on lips. It dried up my lips a bit after a couple of hours which I don’t mind as I am a matte lipstick lover. So dry lips people should apply a lip primer/balm underneath the lipstick. It slightly fades after 5 hours which is okay as I have fair skin tone so it matches to the color of my lips a bit so I don’t mind carrying it like that way for one more hour or so. “PLEASE ME’ lipstick suits well to fair to medium skin tone only although I believe if you are confident enough about any shade then definitely you can try it and break this categorize thing… ;)

Coming to ALL FIRED UP, a perfect lipstick that can be worn anytime paired up with tan eye look or shimmery gold/bronze look or with jet black kajal look. The lipstick is from Retro matte range of Mac lipsticks, hence it is a bit dry on lips. But it glides smoothly on my lips without pulling my lips. It stays perfect 5 hours on my lips. But with time It turns little flaky on my lips during winter. So I use either a lip balm or primer beneath this lipstick during winter. ALL FIRED UP is a perfect lipstick for all skin type, so bang on if you love it ;)

Over in all both the lipsticks are must have lipstick in my stash as I love them both. Mac lipsticks definitely overpriced but I still believe it is worth buying for me. So if you love them, you can grab them as these are permanent (if you are not a packaging sucker, like me).

I hope you like today’s post.
I will see you soon with some ancient beauty post draft that still lying untouched in my folder. ;)

Love Sammy.

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