Monday 19 September 2016


"IF HEAVEN OF MAKEUP LIES ANYWHERE THEN IT IS NOW IN DLF MALL MALL OF INDIA."- the first thought came to my mind when I checked in the store for the first time.

For a novice like me, "KIKO MILANO launching in India" sentence took 3-4 days to understand the meaning...the total hype created by brand before it's launching it's FIRST EVER STORE IN INDIA was enough for all makeup lovers to go mad for it.

A little info about KIKOMILANO for people who are still juggling with this brand like me...
KIKO MILANO is an Italian leading brand of cosmetics, makeup, and skincare products (I understood only these lines, for now, rest am keeping it for future as the more I use the products, the more I will be aware of the brand.)

The brand launches a huge store in Delhi. The promotion of the brand was huge and so the store is. They have the wide range of makeup, cosmetics and skin care products.
The price of all products is pretty affordable (trust me, they are much cheaper than MAC ;) ).

Price info :-

As they have a huge range so it is hard to remember the price of all, but giving you a little bit of idea about the prices of few.

Face product:-
Matte powder, wet and dry foundation, bronzer all are within Rs.1200/- to Rs.1650/- approx.
Eyeshadow range starting from Rs.350/- to Rs.1050/-
Eyeshadow stick is Rs.800/-
Eye pencils are Rs.260/-
Mascara range starting from Rs.750/-.
Brushes are starting approx. Rs.1200/- (maybe lower a bit for few small brushes as they have a huge collection of brushes).
Nail paints approx. Rs.260/-

A wide range of Lipsticks starting from Rs.390/- to Rs.1050/-
They have eyeshadow cream base, eyeliners, Blushes and lip liners, skincare products (read many more things) whose price I forgot :(

They have even few makeup accessories, nail tools too along with makeup removers and mixing fluid. 

My final conclusion regarding the store:-

The store is pretty big and the MUA are pretty co-operative. The store had the huge collection and each display items have price range writing on side of each case which is really good as you don't have to ask the store people again and again for the price of each. The fresh pieces are also displaying above of each tester, so that once you check the testers you can pick fresh pieces by itself.  The arrangement is quite similar to those grocery stores in the mall which is really really cool for us who love to shop makeup without any shop girl buzzing behind you every time you intend to pick something just to see.
Next, I found some interesting product too which I am looking forward to trying it.
Over in all, I found the store is quite good, and the price range is surprisingly affordable one compare to all those high-end brands that are already available in India.

Yesterday it was an unplanned weekend program that I suddenly landed on this "heaven of makeup" store. And with the permission of the store manager, I click few pictures of the store. My intention is not to make to you feel sad as it opened here and not anywhere else but giving you a ray of hope that as they enter India, so I bet they going to have chains of stores now in the most city. 

I picked up few things from the store, but that is an another story which I will share soon, for now here is the glimpse of it... :)

 I hope you like a quick review of the KIKO MILANO  store. Do let me know what are you eyeing from this particular brand. I will see you in my next post ;)
Love Sammy :*


  1. OMG.. the pics are such a treat!! :)

  2. I want everything! OMG! Please review the products asap.

    1. Hahaaaaa.....I can feel you. Sure sure. Everything will be up soon :)


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