Monday 26 September 2016


Hey everyone,

We always run for the high-end brand when we need something extra care for our skin, but we always forgot that only a constant caring towards skin can make us glow naturally. It is a prolonged process but we always want something that works like a miracle in a week which never happen and finally, we go on changing the product…

Wake up guys…nothing will work in one day, one had to patient and regular in skincare routine to get the desired effect.

No, today I am not here to give you any advice, but definitely going to share a review of a nice and affordable product that i am using from last seven months constantly.

PATANJALI ROSE WATER is my recent go to toner from the last couple of months. 

Price: - Rs.25/- for 120 ml.

PATANJALI ROSE WATER comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pink cap on it. The bottle has a broad mouth opening with a tight closure lid that can be removed by pulling only. So it is a spill-proof packaging. 

How to use and what it claim?

PATANJALI ROSE WATER is suggested to dab drop wise in a cotton ball and apply it on the eye for relaxation and on a face for toning. It is claimed to cure all the dryness of skin that occur due to dry summer or winter. 

Coming to my experience:-

PATANJALI ROSE WATER is a transparent liquid that looks like plain water. It smells like the rose that lingers for hours even after the toner dried on skin. The toner is a great relaxing one for my dry skin. It makes my skin look fresh every time I use it. I have severely sensitive skin and so I am always choosey while buying toner but this one I think I can buy and use throughout my life as it is non-irritating and non-sticky toner.

Although it doesn't heal any acne or a pimple but definitely it lightens the acne and pimple spot if use regularly. It is a good toner that brightens up my skin to some extent and helps to remove light tan too.


I personally prefer to use the toner after refrigerating it for hours. I use the toner on my eye area using a cotton pad for 15 mins and then let it dry naturally. While for my face I use the toner using a cotton ball and let it dry naturally. I don’t rub the toner, instead of it I prefer to dab the toner on my entire face. Sometimes I prefer to mix the toner in my face pack too to get much more effect. 

Over in all, it is a nice toner with less chemical that can be use on the regular basis on any skin type. The toner is quite cheap in price and at the same time good for skin hydration. 

Have you use this toner yet? which is your favorite toner ?

That's all for today, I will see you soon with some new post.

Love Sammy :*

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