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"When the most raved makeup product is added to your stash and the whole world going gaga over it, You feel either too happy to have it or too much sacred to talk about it..."

When people trust your review a lot and always look at you for your honest opinion it turns out a big responsibility to sit back and test the most raved product carefully before you speak out any single world about it...

Today's review header speaks everything that what I am going to talk about in this post and yes you guessed it right , it's all about the most raved product all from BECCA COSMETICS is JACLYN HILL FACE PALETTE.

In my mind: "Today's review is so so important and serious one that I feel to write everything in caps....but hold on Sammy, it's just a makeup ....chill....relax...let's get started... :P "

I particularly feel the palette itself has a very ROYAL kind of feeling....starting from its sneak-peek till launching over the BECCA websites and then going out of stock within few seconds of launching....then re-stocking and people posting how happy they are having it in their stash...few started going mad over this palette and blah! blah! so much for just a single palette...does it worth all the hype ? Well, to know more then keep reading ;)...





The palette comes in a sturdy case of beautiful white and golden combination. The emboss of BECCA JACLYN HILL PALETTE in golden over the white case looks classy, royal and gorgeous. It is really a heavy palette in comparison to other makeup palettes I have (probably the heaviest one, I guess ). The top lid of the palette is white in color for which I am bit scared as it can get dirty soon ( I haven't remove the top thin film of plastic that sticks to it to retain the packaging scratch free, I know it's sound silly but I am very protective of my The back portion of the palette is mirrored, the golden one on which there is a sticker having the name of all three blushes and two highlighters that are present in the palette. The palette close with a magnetic closure which is really tight to open(I hurt my nails twice while opening it). Inside the palette, the entire packaging is made mirrored golden color and yeah it comes with a big mirror in it which is really good for applying highlighters or blushes. Although it doesn't come with any brushes (hehe, that's why I brought the BECCA CHAMPAGNE HIGHLIGHTER BRUSH, along with it which  I will review soon).

Coming to the blushes and highlighter description through a beauty blogger's Eye :-


 The palette comes with three beautiful blushes.

ROSE SPRITZ(Luminous Blush)- A bright pop of warm coral pink color blush with strong golden frost. The blush is a frosted one that turns into a metallic sheen kind of blush when applied on the cheek.

AMARETTO(Mineral Blush)- A muted medium-dark rosy brown blush.It has a subtle fine gold pearl into it.

PAMPLEMOUSSE(Mineral Blush)- A dark pink blush with satin finish and have a warm undertone. 

Coming to my experience with blushes:-


ROSE SPRITZ is a luminous blush and has a frosted finish for which it is the blush I mostly avoid. The golden frosted blush gives a metallic sheen on my cheek which I don't prefer to wear (as I love to use highlighter individually along with blush). So whenever I apply this particular blush I had to avoid any kind of highlighter.
AMARETTO  is a beautiful blush that has subtle fine gold in it. This blush is actually little darker for my skin tone. So, I prefer to use this blush as bronzer mostly.
PAMPLEMOUSSE  is the blush among the all three that I always prefer to wear. It is beautiful pink blush which needs to be carefully handed as it is very pigmented one.

All the three blushes are pigmented one but PAMPLEMOUSSE is little more pigmented. I am amazed to see the staying power of these blushes over my skin, as it stays intact for eight hours without any fading( yeah, you heard right...eight damn hours). 

Down Part :- 


I have the problem with one among the three blush from this palette and it is ROSE SPRITZ. It is the blush that makes my pores little visible whereas there is no such issue with other two blushes. The blending of ROSE SPRITZ  on my skin is a little pain too as the frosted gold tend to scatter everywhere a bit, whereas AMARETTO and PAMPLEMOUSSE  blends like milk in a coffee (LOL...long review, I need a coffee badly now).

 (Am back) As winter is approaching and I will start looking fairer so I guess I will be using the blush AMARETTO more to create a bronzy look whereas PAMPLEMOUSSE  is my all time favorite blush in this palette, so you never knew I might reach towards it mostly.

Over in all except ROSE SPRITZ, other two blushes are pretty good one.

Let's head over to the highlighter, please...


CHAMPAGNE POP :-A warm peachy orange gold highlighter with the frosted finish.

PROSECCO POP:- A gold highlighter with yellow undertone and has frosted sheen finish.

Coming to my experience with the highlighters:-


CHAMPAGNE POP is the most raved highlighter in the makeup world. It doesn't need any introduction as it was the most creative creation of famous makeup artist/ youtube expert JACLYN HILL. The launching reason and the face behind this highlighter was one and only JACLYN HILL, who collaborate with BECCA COSMETICS.

And now as CHAMPAGNE POP turn out huge hit the next creation of JACLYN  is this palette so it was very obvious that the highlighter that actually highlight the life of JACLYN  will be an important part of this palette for sure. And trust me the highlighter stand out each and everyone expectation in the makeup world. The one reason of mine to grabbing this palette is CHAMPAGNE POP highlighter and as I told you earlier it stand out my expectation totally. 

The highlighter is a peachy gold one which is super pigmented. That mean "a little goes a long way". The texture of the highlighter is so soft that it blend easily with any brush. One should be careful while applying the highlighter as it is so pigmented that you might end up looking like disco ball (I myself did the mistake twice...:( )

PROSECCO POP:- Although CHAMPAGNE POP  was getting all the attention of mine but this highlighter PROSECCO POP can easily compete with CHAMPAGNE POP. In my word, it is basically a gold highlighter that I personally prefer to apply on festive occasion or over any bride mostly during her D-day. I love the highlighter too but as I have strong yellow undertone so it clashes with my skin tone a bit. But as I always prefer to use highlighters light handed so it flawlessly blends with my skin giving a subtle glow.

Both the highlighters stay intact as long as you want...sounding weird? I don't know why but this is the palette where all the blushes and highlighters staying power amazed me and am literally going gaga over it staying power. Pigmentation of both highlighters as I mention earlier are just bang on! 

Coming to the down part, among the two highlighters, PROSECCO POP is the one that has a tendency to make visibility of pores a bit for which one should be always careful about having full coverage base. 

So, as a beauty blogger my final verdict regarding this palette:


 I think the palette has a mixture of both good and bad shades. The palette is actually perfect for cool/neutral undertone people whereas it goes okay with warm undertone too. One had to be tricky when it comes to applying blushes. Secondly, I personally didn't found any versatility in the shade of blushes/highlighters as we have seen this kind of blushes/highlighters in other brands too. 


ROSE SPRITZ reminds me of NARS SUPER ORGASM/SLEEK MAKEUP ROSE GOLD(I personally don't like this kind of blush).

AMARETTO reminds me of MAC SWEET AS COCOA (I guess I wrote the name of Mac one correct, as I saw it long back ).

 PAMPLEMOUSSE reminds me of MAKEUP GEEK LOVE AFFAIR blush (I was dying to have the MUG blush but couldn't able to grab it so finally, happy me that I have the nearest dupe of it).

CHAMPAGNE POP reminds me of MAC WHISPER OF GUILT/MAC OH DARLING (I don't have any of MAC  one as both was limited edition which I wanted badly then but now am happy I have this CHAMPAGNE POP highlighter that will heal my pain of not grabbing those MAC

PROSECCO POP reminds me of COLOURPOP ELECTRIC SLIDE ( I don't have color pop one, I wanted that too but now as I have PROSECCO POP, I think I will happily skip the color pop one ).

Before I end up my review, the most important question I have been asked by my readers and friends from the date I bought this palette that "Does it really worth the hype?

My answer to all: I am little double mind when it comes to this question, as I personally think it is a GOOD palette, just a GOOD  palette that is travel-friendly and must have for MAKEUP ARTIST who mostly do bridals. But if you are just a makeup lover/makeup holder then my honest opinion for the palette is not available here so it cost bomb through the Instagram seller. And I know and I can feel personally that everybody can't afford it too, but don"t worry as if you can't afford it then there nothing to regret about it. The blushes and PROSECCO POP  highlighter have very good dupe so if you want you can collect the dupe individually and only CHAMPAGNE POP, I think is a must have in your stash if you love highlighters :)

Ahh...finally, I am done with my detailed review regarding this palette covering each and every detail (hopefully), but still if you think you have any question regarding this palette then do comment below or just let me know your thoughts regarding this palette.

Few FOTD ! 




Hope you find this review helpful and let me know whether you interested in seeing the tutorial of this look using BECCA FACE PALETTE :)

I will catch you all soon in my next post. 

Till then loads of love  :*

Sammy :*

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