Wednesday 23 November 2016


As winter is here, so it’s time when our hair started behaving like deserts who look dry, and thirsty for water. No matter how hard you try to protect your hair from dryness, but it ends up drying if you don’t nourish it from inside.

A month ago, when the brand SATTHWA approach me to review their premium hair oil, I said yes to them as I knew it that sooner or later my hair going to behave dry. So it is  the perfect time to go for a hair oil testing. And so after one month of using it continuously (read every 2-3 days in a week), I am here to put up my experience with the oil.

Price:- Rs.599/- for 100ml.
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The oil comes in a plastic transparent bottle with a flip cap opening. The color of the oil from outside the bottle look light yellow. The texture of the oil is little runny and light too. The oil has no smell.

Brand claim:-


My experience:-

The oil is light yellow in color as I told you earlier. The texture of the oil is light and so it doesn't stick to my hair badly. As most oils due to thick in texture are sticky and it took an hour to wash it out properly with shampoo. But this oil is being light in texture, easy to wash out with shampoo. The oil has no smell for which a big thumbs up as I have a sensitive nose that gets irritated easily with a strong smell of any products.

The oil claims to stop hair fall which is truth to some extent but promotes hair growth, not sure as I haven’t seen any newly growth hair on my scalp till now. Maybe I need to use it few more days to conclude about that point. As I don’t have premature greying of hair neither I have dandruff so I can’t claim or say anything about it. But yes after using this oil for one month continuously definitely my hair feel more soft and smooth. I can feel a change in hair fall percentage too. It stops my hair fall to some extent. It is suggested to use the oil for 3-4 months to get the best result, so I will definitely going to use it for a couple of months to see the result.

The only drawback of this oil that I feel is I wish it comes in a water-based serum not in oil, as applying oil at night and shampooing it on very next day always is a time consuming and tiring one for me (I am a lazy bum), moreover if you are in hurry you can’t go out with oily head…lol. 

But anyway, oiling is the must have step for your hair to keep it shiny and healthy so I give a pass to this oil :)

Over in all, when the entire market fills up with loads of oils which are pricey and full of chemical ingredients, this oil is a decently priced hair oil with no parabens and no smell. So I give a thumbs up to this oil. And yeah I might buy another bottle to see the end result of regrowth one as I am quite impressed with one month result.

That's all for today. See you in my next post soon :)

Love Sammy :) 

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