Monday 19 December 2016


As soon as the morning start with fog and cold breeze we understand it's winter here and so our skin needs special care for this dry cold winter season.

So today's post is all about my new love for my skin "TBC ALL PURPOSE BODY LOTION" and " TBC SUPER HYDRATING MOISTURE CREAM".




Price: - Rs.125/- for 300ml.


The body lotion comes in a long green plastic bottle. It has a flip cap with a small hole through which one had to squeeze the product out. The packaging of the body lotion is simple one yet sturdy and travel-friendly.

My experience:-

TBC ALL PURPOSE BODY LOTION is a body lotion that claims to have 'Aloe vera, vitamin-E and cocoa butter in it which hydrates, moisturizes and revives the skin, repair damage cells. Thereby it is helpful in healing and improving the texture; ultimately gives you soft and healthy skin.'

 The body lotion is medium thick consistency but still it require a very small amount for each application. A small dollop of the lotion is enough for each arm. It is light green in color. And it has a very mild fragrance in it. It is very lightweight in texture and is easily absorbs into the skin giving a very hydrating but matte finish instantly. The lotion is just perfect for all skin types during winters while in summers I think it will go well on dry and normal skin mostly. Although the body lotion claim as 12 hr long lasting which I don't agree to some extent as I personally feel to reapply the lotion every 6 hours. The lotion instantly hydrates the skin along with that it definitely improves the skin texture during winter if use regularly.

Over in all, it is a very decent priced good body lotion which hydrates as well as moisturizes your skin instantly. 

My rating:- 4/5.




Price: - Rs.95/- for 100g.


TBC SUPER HYDRATING MOISTURE CREAM comes in a big tub with twist up closure. The cream is thick in consistency and white in color. It has a very strong smell of Jasmine. The tub packaging is little unhygienic according to my opinion as one has to dip the finger every time to take out the cream.

My experience:-

As the cream has the thick consistency so a very little amount is required for each application. It melts like butter into the skin giving a very healthy skin finish to dry skin. The cream has a very strong smell of Jasmine which I just love to smell. It has SPF 15 in it for which you can use it during the daytime too. The moisture cream is hydrating and moisturizing to the skin so if you sweat a lot in sun then definitely this cream is not for you when you are going outside in sun. It will go well on dry and normal skin type only during winters while in summers it will go well only with dry skin type. As it is a very hydrating cream it is not for oily skin type people. I personally have a very oily skin which turns to be normal skin tone during winters so I tested the cream on my face too, till now there are no breakouts (thankfully) but still I will not recommend it for oily skin beauties.

Overall leaving the tub packaging I really like the cream. Decently priced and perfect for dry skin for winters of Delhi.

My rating:- 3.5/5. 

For more information, connect to the facebook page: TBC BY NATURE


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