Friday 20 January 2017


Hey sunshine,

Today I am up with an awesome product all from Mac Nutcracker sweet collection and that is MAC SWEET COPPER FACE PALETTE  which consists of a highlighter and a blush.

Price: -

Rs.4200/- (35$)  for 10gm.

Availability: -, (it is out of stock from everywhere now).


MAC SWEET COPPER FACE PALETTE comes in a beautiful colorful packaging that reminds me of "barbie and nutcracker movie". The packaging is just the perfect fit for holiday season. The outer packaging of the palette embroidered with a golden thread which looks like handwork. The palette comes with a mirror but it has no brush in it.

 My Experience:-

This face palette is the main highlight of the entire MAC NUTCRACKER SWEET COLLECTION. The face palette consists of a highlighter and a blush. The highlighter in this palette is the famous "whisper of guilt" highlighter which was re-promote due to high demand by Mac lovers.

Last year in 2015 when Mac launched holiday collection they launched "oh darling" which is an exact dupe of "whisper of guilt" highlighter, I miss that highlighter. So this year when I saw the palette, I was sure that "I WANT IT ANYHOW" and so when it launched abroad I grab it immediately with the help of my friend(although that was a surprise from her side, long see ). In short, IT IS THE BEST GIFT GIFTED BY MAC TO THEIR MAKEUP LOVERS.

The highlighter WHISPER OF GUILT is a beautiful warm, light gold highlighter with a metallic sheen in it. The highlighter is pretty versatile one as I think it will suit every skin tone. WHISPER OF GUILT  is an extra dimension skin finish powder by Mac. So definitely it has awesome pigmentation. And yes, it definitely a game changer highlighter. It blends easily into the skin giving a very subtle glow which can be buildable. I would recommend you to not layer the highlighter much as doing it might make visibility of pores of your skin. It stays as long as you want, yes I found it stays incredibly 8 hours intact on my skin during winters. All mac lovers go crazy over this highlighter but again it is quite similar to few other highlighters that I already have in my stash (a comparison swatch is given below). So, as it is a limited edition and if you couldn't able to grab it during its launch then definitely you can look out for the dupes one :)

Coming to the blush, the blush in this palette is "PLEASURE MODEL". It is a repromotes blush which has a beautiful orangey brown warm undertone which has a satin sheen in it. It is again from Mac extra dimension blush, so it blends like butter into skin. The blush is very pigmented for which it is suggested to use it light handed first followed by building it as per requirement. If it uses light handed then it provides a natural flush of color into cheek on fair skin tone whereas it needs to build in medium to dusky skin tone. I was not expecting much from the blush when I was planning for this palette as the blush don't look promising there but when I get it I found it is a different kind of blush which I don't have in my stash yet. The blush stays pretty 6 hours + on to my skin without fading. Overall the blush is a versatile shade for every skin tone and it doesn't emphasize the pore.

MAC SWEET COPPER FACE PALETTE is my most favorite and priceless possession from this collection as I finally get to hold the famous "WHISPER OF GUILT" highlighter.

So, as I told you earlier that Mac Copper Face palette is a limited edition palette but I have few nearest dupes of the highlighter in my stash so here is the comparison picture of the same. Hope this will help you if you want something similar to MAC WHISPER OF GUILT.

So, that concludes my today's post...until next time "Stay beautiful with your makeup on"...

Love Sammy :*

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