Monday 2 January 2017

Review and swatches of Kylie Matte liquid lipstck POISE K

"A lipstick that is liquid and turns into matte after few seconds can be comfortable for a long time?" Yes, it can be.

My new buy Kylie Matte liquid lipstick in shade POISE K is one of them. A perfect rosy pink shade for all almost all skin tone.

Kylie Matte liquid lipsticks come in singles and in form of lip kit( which consists of a liquid lipstick and a lip liner). As it was my first buy from KYLIE lipstick collection so I bought the shade Poise K in singles.

"Posie K is a cool mid-tone berry. The Matte Liquid Lipstick has high-intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip. The extremely long wearing lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips out."

Price:- $17 for 0.11 fl oz./oz. Liq / 3.25 ml. I bought it from the Instagram seller, BEAUTYTALES, in Rs.1850/- plus shipping. (bit costly right? ).

My experience:-

The lipstick comes in a beautiful transparent tube packaging with the name of the brand on the tube and lipstick shade at the bottom of it. The applicator of the lipstick is slim, so it is easy to apply the lipstick. The wand is soft on lips and glides smoothly on lips. The lipstick has a very strong smell of candy which I just love. As it is a beautiful cool mid-tone berry shade which will suit almost everyone. The lipstick looks light rosy pink on my lips. One swipe is enough to get the actual shades on lips. The lipstick dries out immediately after application. If you can manage to eat oily foods little tactfully then the lipstick lasts forever without any fading or feathering. It is transfer-proof. During summers they pretty comfortable on lips but during winters they might dry out lips after few hours of application. The dryness due to the matte lipsticks in winters can always is solved using very small of lip balm underneath the lipsticks before applying it. But whether it gets dried or not but the lipstick never tend to be flaky on lips even in winters and that's why I love to apply this lipstick more often whenever I plan to go out for the longer period of time.

Over in all KYLIE MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK  are one of the best liquid lipstick that I ever come across :)

I did a video where I am using this lipstick in my tutorial so if you are interested in seeing it then here you go

That's all for today. Will see you soon with some another post.

Till then bye.

Love Sammy :*

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