Tuesday 28 February 2017


Hey everyone,
So after a short break, I am back in blogging but still, need few more days to be back on Youtube Channel. So till then, I am here to meet and greet you all through my blog posts. 

Between I scheduled something else for today, but that post got deleted by me accidentally so I had to prepare new one as my mind works only once for each post in a day. I will re-post it after some days...I hate myself.

So, today I am up with the most selling Lip bundle "UP & AWAY" all from Colourpop.

Price:- $15
NET WEIGHT: 3 x 3.2 g / 0.11 oz
Availability: - Colourpop cosmetics website here


The Lip bundle is a mixture of both matte and satin ultra lips. It consists of
Love Bug: Ultra Matte Lip; rich mahogany
Mama: Ultra Matte Lip; burnt orange
Calypso: Ultra Satin Lip; mid-tone pink

I bought the lip bundles from an Instagram sellers Beauty tales.in a few months back. But as I was juggling between Blogging and youtube I simply skip this lip bundle to review. But better late than never...

All the liquid lipsticks that are available in this lip bundle are available as singles too. I bought the lip bundle as it is less in price comparing to the singles if I bought all three. Secondly, I don't have any of these colors in my stash so lip bundle was a good option for me to grab all three in a decent price.


The liquid lipsticks come in regular transparent packaging of colourpop. The only difference is all the three lipstick comes together in a rectangular shape carton box to signify that it is a lip bundle. Otherwise, there is no difference in packaging with the singles.I really love the wand of color pop liquid lipsticks as they are the pretty comfortable one to line and fill the lips.

My experience:-

All the colors of this lip bundle are my favorite as it a mixture of pink and reds. But still, if I had to pick one I will pick the shade MAMA as my favorite in all three.
The ultra matte lipsticks are little dry which is a  problem with most liquid matte lipsticks whereas ultra satin lips are quite comfortable on lips. Again these are quite pigmented, non-patchy lip colors.

Ultra matte LOVE BUG and MAMA stays intact on my lips for 4 hours but after that, it started drying my lips to an extreme level for which I need to apply a lip balm on top of it or I usually remove it totally with wet wipes and then reapply the lipsticks. Ultra matte looks best only on properly prep and prime lips so I prefer to apply Colourpop Primer before I apply these ultra matte lipsticks. And then with primer, it stays pretty 5 hours comfortable on my lips.

Ultra satin lipsticks CALYPSO is quite comfortable on my lips. They don't tug or dry up your lips after hours. But they have a tendency to feather a bit from the side corners of lips but that can be controlled using matching lip liners with ultra satin lipsticks.

Now here is a small issue that I just found with this lip bundle, maybe colourpop cosmetics changed there a formula in liquid lipsticks. I found that all the three shades turn out bit darker after few minutes of application. Now, this is not an issue but a concern that if you love the color it actually showing here then I must tell you after half an hour it will turn bit darker so before buying these lip colors just keep that in your mind. I simply love the color even after they turn dark so I am okay with this issue. Leaving this point I don't found any other point to nail down here.

Overall I am loving the lip bundle UP AND AWAY of colourpop.

That's all for today. Until next time.

Love Sammy :*


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