Friday 25 August 2017


"I literally about the colors in this palette, and it’s finally come to life!” Beauty guru and entrepreneur Huda Kattan blends her makeup expertise and obsession all in her debut eyeshadow palette. Raising the bar with her unique Textured Shadows, she’s created a palette of highly saturated mattes, chrome pressed pearls, and 3D metal shadows. Talc-free and buildable, the colors deliver maximum payoff for easy on-the-go, or came-to-slay metallic and smoky looks. Consider it a complete wardrobe for your eyes, no matter what the mood or occasion. An ode to Huda’s favorite metallic, the sophisticated Rose Gold, this timeless collection will be your new can’t-live-without palette."
                                                                     HUDA KATTAN

"The palette that has some amazing combination of shades with a see through lid which makes it so attractive from outside that it is the dream to have it on stash for every makeup lover:- is the talk of today's post...

Now as this palette is available now in India in think it is the high time that I should talk about it.

Let's not talk in terms of usual formal way of review today as I am bit tired writing in same way everytime.

Secondly, I remember the moment when I grabbed this palette from Cult Beauty (when there was the speedy delivery of 5 days in my location with no customs).

The palette is priced by the Instagram seller as Rs.5000/- to 6000/- each which I think was too much for me(I know they had to go through customs). So after grabbing my ABH MODERN RENAISSANCE  palette from Cult Beauty at almost half price (as a sale was going on abh at that time), I was pretty sure that I will grab this Huda Beauty palette from Cult Beauty in less price than Instagram sellers.

And now Nykaa have this palette in Rs.4850/- here.

I was a truly mad behind this palette at that time who used to check at every early morning(say 6 am) or late night (say 2 pm) whether it was restocked in Cult Beauty or not...the very fine early morning I saw it in stock I ordered it in Rs.4237/- approx(yes as I had one promotional discount too at that time).

Now the palette whom I was stalking from so long does really worth to buy?

- Well, the price I paid for it Rs.4237/- approx. and in Nykaa it is Rs.4850/- so at these price YES,  but from Instagram Sellers in Rs.5k-6k? NO

Does it worth buying?

- Well, if you want some really gorgeous palette with some warm and beautiful shades and glitters at one go then definitely it is worth buying. The palette has every single warm shade that anyone can use to create any look (warm shades look only). Moreover, it has some all time go to glitter pressed pigments which one can use to add more glamour to the look. The eyeshadows are smooth in texture and highly pigmented. They are easy to blend and has least fallout. In fact, there are no shades that are chalky. Even the glitters are easy to apply with fingers or wet brushes on eyelids.

How will you justify yourself for buying such a costly palette when you readers who love to have this palette but can't afford?

- First of all, I will not justify myself for buying such costly palette because I admit that it is expensive. But being a passionate makeup lover who appreciates every single makeup (no matter which brand owner did what to others) and a beauty blogger I couldn't stop myself getting it as the palette is very tempting.
Now the palette is definitely pretty glamorous in packaging but if you see it a little closer you can see that every single shade is dupable in this palette. You can have the dupe of each shade in this palette at a less price from other brand and so the glitters too. So if you can't afford then definitely you can try out from other brands.

My final words:-

Definitely it is expensive palette but still, I will recommend it. If you can afford it then grab it soon because it is a great palette with an awesome combination of glitter, matte, and shimmer shades. This one palette and you can be sorted for life.A Perfect Textured Shadows palette with Rose Gold Edition".


So, hope you like my new way of doing today's post. I will catch up you all soon. Until then stay beautiful:*

Sammy :*

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