Friday 13 October 2017


Finally, a perfect lip palette launched in the makeup world which is just perfect for everyone(if you are a makeup lover).

A lip palette that has 13 beautiful shades with 5 primary shades and with which you can customise any color you want is the topic of the blog post for today.

Price:- $48.
Availability:- Anastasia Beverly Hills website.

Little more info regarding this palette:-

An 18-well professional lip palette with shades ranging from primaries and neutrals to bold brights. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette to create an endless array of lip looks by mixing and customizing highly pigmented, long-wearing matte shades.

Includes mixing plate and double-ended lip brush and spatula
Bold primary colors to mix, layer and customize
Wear alone or mixed together

Shade Description – left to right...

ROW 1 :

1 - Peachy Pink
2 - Red Oak Brown
3 - Burnt Orange
4 - Rich Oak Brown
5 - Burnished Berry
 6 - Rich Mahogany Brown

 ROW 2:

 7 - Vibrant Coral
8 - Warm Sandy Brown
9 - Vibrant Orchid Purple
 10 - Berry Pink
 11 - Soft Oak Brown
12 - Vibrant Pink 

 ROW 3:

  Primary 1 - White
  Primary 1 - Black
  Primary 3 - Red
  Primary 4 - Yellow
  Primary 5 - Blue
 13 - Blackened Berry


The lip palette comes in a black cardboard box. On top of the box, the name of the brand and product written silver/white and golden letters.
The lip palette itself comes with a mixing plate and with a dual-ended spatula come brush. The lid of the lip palette is transparent for which one can see the colors from outside of the palette.

My experience:-

I picked up the lip palette when it was just newly launched. I bought it from an Instagram seller in Rs.4000/-.
The very first day I saw the palette online I was tempted to try it as I am a sucker for lip products (especially lipsticks).
The palette contains all the probable beautiful shades that one needs in life to create different looks. Along with that, it has 5 primary colors in this palette with which one can customize any shade if they have the knowledge of right proportion of mixing each shade otherwise they might end up creating some mess (like me :P).
All the shades in this palette are matte in texture. There is no shimmery shade (thankfully!!!). The darker shades are super pigmented while the lighter shades are little streaky. One need to layer the lighter shades to get opaque coverage while it is easy to work with darker shades.
 The lip color glides easily on my lips. The lip brush that comes with the palette is perfect for lining and filling of lips. The texture of the lip color for first few minutes might look satin but it will turn to matte after 30 minutes of application. It stays pretty 5 hours on my lips. But as these are not transfer-proof matte lip colors so they just keep on fading with every food or drink we have in between. Now I don't recommend you to go for touch up of these lip color once it fades because it is a bit difficult to carry a whole palette everywhere for touch up of a particular color or your customized color.

The lip palette is basically good for a makeup artist or makeup lover who love to experiment with lip color. But if you are just a makeup lover who just loves makeup and love to collect individual lipstick rather than a palette then you can happily skip this palette because all the shades are dupeable in many other brands in form of individual lipstick.

The downside:-

  • Firstly the price of the palette is too much. One can really feel the burn in the pocket while buying it so better you grab it in the sale.
  • Secondly, I found the quantity of each lip color in the palette is less for which you can hit the pan after 3-4 usage from a corner.
  • Thirdly as it has no mirror so one might feel the burden to carry the palette while traveling.
  • Fourthly carrying a separate mixing tray while traveling is a bit awkward too as you might lose it in the travel bag during traveling (like I did thrice).

Overall If you want me to rate the palette I will give it 4/5 as the quality of the lip color in the palette is too good and I love the comfort matte texture of these lip colors. All I wish they had refills for popular colors in this palette :(

So, that's all for today. Until next time...
Love Sammy :*


  1. Very nice post and review.
    I dont like lip palettes. Not comfortable for me.

  2. Ye camlin k colours jaisa dikh raha hai na 😊 colours acche hain per application comfortable nahi hogi , expert hona jaruri hai
    Aapka review bahut detailed n honest hai, 👍👍
    Thanks for sharing dear 😍😍


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