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 "Beautiful skin requires commitments"...and when this commitment is something luxury in pocket-friendly price than any high-end brand then it is very easy to do such commitments...

Okay, no more confusion, starting straight that today's post is all about "SEER SECRETS" products.


Seer secrets evolve around the notion of simple living & high thinking. Seer secrets bring to you wise skin secrets passed on by seers. A company based on values, ethics, and life of seers, sages, and clairvoyants, marks to deliver wholesome skin, body care products based on rare herbs and formulations by ascetics from around the world. Indulge your Skin with Mesmerizing Beauty Potions from Seer Secrets that are free from harmful chemicals and are all natural and vegan.

I received three products from the brand for review purpose. I was using all these products thoroughly so that I put my final thoughts on these skincare ranges.

Know more about the brand: Seer Secrets products are Naturally derived, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, biodegradable, no triclosan, sulfates (SLS, SLES, SCS), formaldehyde, salicylates, parabens, phosphates, MEA, DEA, TEA, petroleum-based ingredients or dyes. Never Tested on Animals.

Seer Secrets Quantum Quattro Gemstone Bath Bar:-

Price:- Rs.342/- for 160gm.
Available at a discounted price here

About Seer Secrets Quantum Quattro Gemstone Bath Bar:-

Quantum Quattro is a powerful balancing crystal which helps in balancing the mind, body, and spirit, dissolving emotional disturbance and sadness. Seer Secrets Quantum Quattro Gemstone Bath Bar releases blockages of repressed negative emotions & provides inner strength in times of prolonged stress.


  •     Helps you feel refreshed
  •     It is a 100% handmade and contains organic based ingredients
  •     Fights aging, makes the skin glow
  •     Provides gentle cleansing and long-lasting


Glycerin Soap Base(Used instead of natural Quartz), Calcium Carbonate, Orange essential oil, bergamot essential oil, Blue Mica, Silicia, Green Mica, Turquoise Mica.

My Experience:-

Seer Secrets Quantum Quattro Gemstone Bath Bar comes in a nice transparent box packaging. The shape of the soap is triangular and it is green in color. The soap is semi-transparent one for which presence of various ingredients in the soap is visible from outside. The soap smells exact like "lemongrass", so refreshing. The fragrance lasts 2 hours or so after a shower. The size of the soap is huge and so it lasts more than one and half weeks. It lathers up pretty well and makes my skin pretty clean and fresh. The soap doesn't turn my skin dry even after hours using it. In fact, it is really moisturizing one on my skin.
Overall I love this soap as it is just a pure luxe in packaging, quality and in quantity.

Seer Secrets Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal Tea:-

Price:- Rs.495/- for 20gm.
Available at a discounted price here

About Seer Secrets Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal Tea:-

    Seer Secrets Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal Tea is made from the dried and brightly colored calyces of Hibiscus sabdariffa. This particular ruby red color tisane is sour in taste & a rich source of Vitamin C. It aids digestion because of its diuretic properties and helps in curing constipation & indigestion thereby improving the overall health of the gastrointestinal system. This tisane herbal tea is rich in flavonoids and possesses antidepressant properties which calm the nervous system, by making us more relaxed. It further helps in lowering LDL also known as bad cholesterol in the body. Thus, in turn, brings down the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is great for cocktails, mocktails, and posts alcohol consumption. It helps in reducing water retention. It aids in improving blood circulation and helps in lowering blood pressure. It can also speed up the metabolism and help in healthy, gradual weight loss. The tart and cranberry-like flavor of this sabdariffa tisane herbal tea promise an uplifting sensory experience. Fulfill your daily intake of Vitamin C with the Seer Secrets sabdariffa tisane herbal tea which is an excellent floral source of Vitamin C that develops a sense of relaxation.


  •         Helps in curing constipation & indigestion
  •         Calms the nervous system, for ultimate relaxation
  •         Lowers bad cholesterol in the body
  •         Brings down the risk of cardiovascular diseases

    Ingredients:- Dried Hibiscus Sabdariffa

    How to use the product

  •         In a cup, add a flower of sabdariffa and add water at 80 C
  •         To avoid overcooking the tea, let it sit for two minutes and cherish the energizing tea blend.

My Experience:-

The tea comes in a glass bottle which packed securely in a tin cylindrical bottle. The double packaging of the tea looks so luxe. The tea is actually floral extract for which the tea look like dried flowers(hibiscus). The color of the tea is deep red. It has no smell. But it is sour in taste for which I prefer to add honey in it as I can't drink such sour tea (lol).

I am drinking this tea from last week and all I can say that I feel fresh and light every time I drink it. The tea claim to work for weight loss too but as I just started drinking this tea for few days so I can't comment on that but definitely I feel fresh. I will update here again about this weight loss factor (if it happens) after drinking this tea for few more weeks.

Seer Secrets Smoky Rose Geranium Hydrating Soy Milk Enzyme Body Cleanser :-

Price:- Rs.594/- for 250ml.
Available at a discounted price here

About Seer Secrets Smoky Rose Geranium Hydrating Soy Milk Enzyme:-
Indulge in the aroma of a thousand roses with this Seer Secrets Smoky Rose Geranium Hydrating Soy Milk Enzyme Body Cleanser, which is a beautiful bath time indulgence. With a smoky rose geranium fragrance, this hydrating soy milk enzyme body cleanser helps create a sense of hydration and protecting the skin from wrinkles and sunburns. With a refreshing scent, the formula is infused with Geranium essential oil and extract of Rose, Amla & Reetha which provides the essence of hydration in a blissful relaxing effect of Aromatherapy in your shower. Smoky & rosy notes in a formula infused with Soy Milk Proteins and coconut derivatives stimulate your mind and spirit in a blissful shower experience.


  •     Serves as a detoxifying agent, controlling acne and protecting skin infections
  •     Creates rich, luxurious foam and gently repairs skin burns leaving the skin moisturized
  •     Suitable for all skin types and is gentle enough to use every day
  •     Clears up acne, prevents wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and protects from skin infections.


Coconut Derivative Base, Aqua , Rose extract, geranium essential oil , Amla & Reetha extracts, soy protein.

How to use product

  •     On a moistened loofah, pour Seer Secret's enzyme body cleanser
  •     Generate luxurious lather by rubbing the loofah on the body for intense hydration
  •     Rine with water to wash off the product effectively.

My Experience:-
The packaging of Seer Secrets Smoky Rose Geranium Hydrating Soy Milk Enzyme is very cute and luxe. The bottle comes in a tin cylindrical case securing the pump of the bottle. The body wash comes in a plastic bottle with a pump. One has to pump the product to use it. The color of the body wash is off-white and it is silky soft cream kind of texture which is neither too thick nor too runny. The body wash has floral fragrance in it which lingers for hours even after a shower. It lathers up pretty well making my skin clear and soft. The body wash makes my skin feel hydrated. I just love the fragrance of the body wash and definitely, this one is my favorite product among all three that I received.

So, that's all for today.
Until next time stay beautiful...

Love Sammy :*

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