Sunday, 13 May 2018


Hi Everyone,

Nykaa has launched a new range of lipstick "MATTE TO LAST". I picked 6 shades out of 10.

Price:- Rs.550/- each for 4.5ml of product.
Availability:- Nykaa stores and Nykaa online store.

The shades I picked are:-

  3. KUDI
  4. BEGUM


Coming to the packaging the liquid lipstick, the lipstick comes in a transparent kind of packaging. The packaging looks similar to "NARS" lip color packaging. The wand is a doe-foot applicator for which it is easy to apply the lip color on lips. The doe foot applicator has many similarities like the mac retro matte liquid lip colors. The lip color is small(although it has 4.5ml of product)and it has very cute packaging. It is travel-friendly.

Coming to the shade description:-

  • Starting with Khoobsurat a beautiful neutral pink perfect for fair skin tone mostly.
  • Guwa hottie a warm terracotta brown which will look good in all skin tone.
  • Kudi a neon kind of fuchsia pink which will look good on fair skin tone mostly.
  • Begum a beautiful cool plum pink shade perfect for all skin tone. This one is my second fav shade after Guwa Hottie.
  • Maharani a dark red shade perfect for all skin tone.
  • And at last Mishti, a beautiful pinkish red shade which will look good across all skin tone.

My Experience:-
Nykaa is a brand which was always like hit or miss kind of brand for me. So I was not expecting much from this liquid lip colors. But the moment I swatched these lip color in stores I like the texture of these lipsticks. The texture has moouse kind of consistency. It is easy to apply.

Coming to the pigmentation of these liquid lipsticks, these are medium pigmented. The lighter shades need 3-4 swipes to get that opaque coverage on lips while darker shade is easy to work with. The darker shades need 2-3 swipes to get the coverage.

Moving on to the staying power, the lipstick stays 4-5 hours on my lips. These are transfer-proof but if you rub your fingers on lips the color comes out. They don't transfer on cups or glasses but if you eat something they fade a bit. The dark shade remains as a stain on my lips even after fading while this feature is missing in lighter shades.

The lipstick takes a bit time to become complete matte so you should be careful that you don't eat or drink anything just after the application of lipstick. The lipstick is very easy to remove. Simple wet wipes can remove all traces of color.

Overall the lipsticks are okayish kind off for me. And definitely, I will say I like them as these come as the second preference in my liquid matte lipsticks lists from drugstore brand after Sugar Cosmetics. 


That's all for today. See you in my next post.
Love Sammy :*

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