Wednesday 27 June 2018


Hey everyone,

So, today I am going to do an Unboxing video for the first time all from the brand ROOPMANTRA.
The brand contacts me and sends me a box full of products to try out.
Here is the unboxing video of it...

1. Lime and mint face wash:-    
Blemish free skin, oil free skin.
2. Neem face wash:-                    
 Pimple free skin, healthy skin.
3. Roopmantra cream:-                
Glowing skin, dark spots free skin, radiant skin, Blemish free skin, removes tanning, fades scars, removed dark circles.
4. Zero pimple gel:-                       
Treats Pimples & Acne, removes dark spots, scars, blemishes, removes pimples & pimple marks.
5. Cucumber Face wash:-           
 Deep cleaning, glowing skin, removes oil, healthy skin.
6. Aloe Vera Face wash:-             
Treats sunburn & tanning, soothes skin,  glowing skin.
7. Neem face wash:-                     
Clears Pimples & Acne, oil free skin, healthy skin.

I hope you like this video.
See you in my next post.
Love Sammy :*

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