Wednesday 24 April 2019


Hi Everyone,

Today I am up with an interesting video using KAJAL. Now kajal is a common makeup that every makeup lover use and today I am going to share 6 easy looks with kajal for beginners.

I am using l.agirl glide eye pencil.

To start these eye look, let me tell you I am using la girl glide on kajal pencil.

 1. So in the first look, I applied the kajal only half way on my lower lashline. This kind of look is perfect if you are going to do something "no make up look".

2. In the second look, I am going to apply the kajal halfway on both of my upper and lower lashline. I really like this halfway kajal look. This look is perfect for college- goers.

3. Moving on to third look, it is one of the most common ways to apply kajal. I applied the kajal all over my lower lash line which is a very common way to use kajal.

 4. In the fourth look, I am going to apply the kajal all over on my upper eyelid and lower lash line creating a dark kajal look. This one was my one go-to look when I was teenage.

5. In this look, I am going to use a card to draw a wing kajal look whereas I apply the kajal normally all over my lower lash line area. Now you can skip the card and do it all along but as it is a kajal look so it is better to be on safe side to use a card to get that perfect wing. I although end up doing a bit mess which I am rectifying it using wet wipes and kajal once again.

6. In the sixth look, the application of Kajal is almost the same just like the previous one. The only difference is in this look we are going to smudge the lower lashline kajal and also the upper eyelid kajal too with a q tip.

So that's all for today. See you in my next post.
Love Sammy :*

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