Friday 21 February 2020


With BIG ideas, come even BIGGER palettes. In collaboration with KathleenLights, introducing our biggest palette ever. 30 super pigmented shades, including the perfect combination of matte and metallic shadows, 1 Super Shock Shadow, and 2 Pressed Glitters. Inspired by crystals and gemstones, create a rich neutral eye or the perfect jewel toned monochromatic look - this palette is everything. With BIG ideas, come even BIGGER palettes…

PRICE:- RS.3800-RS.4000/- ($39)

A proper palette for me is something that has all possible shades that describe my mood to others. If I am happy I will pick some bolds, if I am in formal wear then I will be safe grabbing some neutrals. So basically a palette that describes or I would say that can describe my all mood that will be a COMPLETE PALETTE for me.

Colourpop SO JADED palette is one of the best collab launch of Colourpop with Kathleen. So far so good. The palette is big and so it is not easy to carry while traveling. It takes quite a lot of place in my stash but still the packaging wins my heart. The first shade of the palette is pressed down kind off for which during transit it tends to come out as whole...although I fixed it now permanently but all I wish colourpop Cosmetics just don't launch palette in hurry...they should take some time to press down the palette pretty well so that those who are buying don't end up buying a broken one.

The shades are pretty pigmented. Easy to work with them and they blends without any extra effort. The palette has a mixed texture of eyeshadows which again makes this palette a complete one.

Overall a good palette for someone who is looking for that one palette that will describe her mood in every way.

That's all folks, not being chatty much as I had to run for a wedding. See you next time with another post, trust me I have piles of post lying on my draft folder...

Love Sammy :*

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