Sunday 11 October 2020


The crown we never take off is the biggest asset of us, our hair. We should not neglect it and so today I am up with two amazing products from DEYGA. 

  • Hair Serum (Liquid Gold) 30ml
  • Hair Butter


The two different products that I picked to try out for review are for the first time I am trying it on myself. I never tried anything hair serum (liquid gold) for my hair neither hair butter. So I was pretty excited to try both. 

Hair Serum (Liquid Gold)



The hair serum acts as a protective covering to the hair shaft. This liquid gold serum is blended with pure 100% organic argan oil and other essential oils to promote new and healthy hair growth. It stimulates hair, from root to tip, and leaves the scalp feeling healthy, free from dryness and irritation. It is good for Dry & Damaged Hair.



  • Organic Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Flax Seed Oil
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Carrot Seed Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil


  • Take some liquid gold in the filler
  • Drop it on to the scalp
  • Give a gentle massage for the serum to penetrate in.
  • Leave it for overnight.

My Experience:-


The hair serum is a concentrated formula of all goodness in a bottle. I need just a few drops of it for my scalp and it just penetrates deep into my scalp when leaving for overnight. It is an oil kind of serum that is good for dry or damaged hair. It is not so thick in texture and so it easily spread out on the scalp. I am not a big fan of oiling my hair every day as due to long hair it takes more time in the shower but this serum I can use it every day as it is easy to wash it off too. Over in all, it is a perfect hair serum for dry or damaged hair. And people who are lazy to oiling their hair this serum can be handy for them to maintain healthy hair. 



Hair Butter:-


Moving on to the next product, Hair Butter...



A natural hair butter full of goodness, Deyga’s Hair butter nourishes the hair root and shaft. Its specially formulated ingredients strengthen hair, promote hair growth, and leave your hair soft and shiny. Hair butter nourishes your hair with natural proteins and promotes hair growth.


  • Nourishes hair, scalp and promotes hair growth
  • Made using natural ingredients
  • Best for dry, lifeless hair and hair loss
  • Safe to use on artificially colored or permed hair

 • Raw • Natural • Vegan • Paraben Free • Fragrance-free



  • Raw Mango Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
  • Virgin Coconut oil
  • Castor Oil



  • Scoop a little amount with a dry spoon.
  • Massage hair and scalp with it.
  • Leave it to work for 30 minutes and then wash off.

My Experience:-


Hair butter sounds so yummy but it smells like coconut. It is a thick butter-like texture that melts into oil if you rub it in your palm. You just need one small scoop of this hair butter for your entire hair. The butter is very very thick oily kind off for which if you applied more you might need 2-3 days to completely wash off all butter from your hair, it will make your hair that much oily and moisturized. I like the hair butter as it instantly softens my hair but all I need to take care that I don't use it too much at one go else it will ruin the hair. Overall a unique product that I tried today and impressed with the outcome. 


So these are two products from DEYGA that I tried out and this is the first time I am trying out this brand and I must tell you I love the quality of the products and the price is a quite affordable one. So if your hair is dry damaged or dull then definitely I would love to recommend you to try out these products. 


So that's all for today, see you in my next post.

Love Sammy :*

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