Friday 27 July 2012


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  [First of all a big "SORRY" to all my readers for an incomplete was my mistake ! sorry to disappoint you all...don't get sad here i am with my whole post....]

After a long researching on THE BODY SHOP products on internet and reading numbers of review i decided to buy my first product from THE BODY SHOP which is RAINFOREST MOISTURE HAIR BUTTER for dry hair !!!
[I came up with an idea that i should start to review of  all THE BODY SHOP products one by one which i have already tried or trying or will try in future so that everyone can get a clear,bias free review...:) ]

Here is picture RAINFOREST MOISTURE HAIR BUTTER for dry hair...

I brought it from style craze at the cost of Rs.294/- where as the actual price is Rs.420/- for 50 ml
 50 ml???? can you imagine???....i was at first shock to see the container but thanks to Chetana...atleast she offers 30% off in this product and stopped my heart attack to see the amount...otherwise it is quite expensive one :D
It comes in a tub container.
 Amount is really less(i am mentioning this point for second time may be i am a person who believe "money doesn't grow in trees"so a little greedy to get a little more amount of the product). :)
The day i got the product telling you the truth it doesn't impress me much,in fact it make me little down by seeing the size of the container and the amount(see above picture) compare to the price !!!
So with a depressed mind i start using the product and " OMG !!! WHAT A PRODUCT !"....really a magic one.
The hair butter is  white creamy texture in nature and a nice fruity smell(atleast for my nose it smells like fruity one). here is the swatch...
 The first day i applied it on my hair makes my hair so smooth and soft  from that day that i really forgot that "it is so expensive" is not an advertisement...just look my hair before and after applying TBS hair butter...

Before applying hair butter.
After applying hair butter followed by wash with plain water turn my dull,frizzy hair into soft and smooth hair.
In fact while using this hair butter in my hair i came up with a tag line for body shop product that "LESS IS MORE" means if you use less amount then you will get good result...first day i took a coin size product to apply on my entire length of hair but i found i don't require that much and the result is little dull hair as the hair butter moisture your hair so more amount of  this hair butter can leave your hair on the next day  i took a hazel nut size product which is just perfect for my care should be taken while applying TBS rainforest hair butter...
Okay now all the goody-goody things are over,here are some really bad things...They are..

The product comes in a tub size container thus little unhygienic i guess...
There is no direction of use written in the body of the product...not even written that whether it should be rinse out or leave on ... so anybody using that product for first time will found it little difficult to use...i am not saying to those people who used to buy TBS product from TBS store...i am saying for those who wanna give a try TBS product but didn't have store near by thus shopped from online just like me !...

Now what i did is..i  read almost 10-15 reviews regarding this hair butter to get the direction of use and confirm that it is a rinse out one !...but i don't want my friends had to go through this so here is the direction of use :-
  1. Take a hazelnut size product and applied on towel dried hair after shampoo.
  2. Leave it for 5-10 min (generally every body have to rush so that's enough for hair to absorb it).
  3. wash it with plain water.and you are done !!
You can use it once or twice a week..but i am so much in love with it that i use it every alternate day...finally i got something for my hair that have no harmful chemicals.
My final verdict:
Yes,i will buy it again and again...because it is a product having NO PARABENS,NO SILICONS AND NO COLORANTS.The smell of the mask lingers on and on even after the wash.Leaves your hair soft and smooth and fresh...i am using this TBS RAINFOREST HAIR BUTTER from past 1 month and i must say that if use twice a week it will lasts for one and half month..
So here comes to an end of  my very first review of my very first product of you like it? let me know.
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keep smiling !!! and shine like a STAR ! :)


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