Monday 6 August 2012

Diana Of London 2000 kisses-Berry Pink Review !

 Today my review is regarding one of favourite lipstick and that is Diana of London 2000 kisses in shade Berry Pink.

After reading a very nice review and seeing the beautiful color of this lipstick i immediately ordered online from style!

The pink is beautiful and i was looking for this shade in many brands.
Price:Rs.500/- but i got it in 5% discount (Rs.473/-) 

Here is the swatch of the lipstick.

At first seeing the lipstick i thought it might be a glossy lipstick but after applying it on my lips it turns into matte which was really unpredictable and i really appreciate that !
After applying it on my lips and i just can't stop myself  looking at the mirror,it really enhance my look,my complexion...!

Method of application:
1.For a more gorgeous effect use Diana Extreme shine lip gloss over lipstick (but i prefer the matte finish).
2.Allow atleast 2-3 minutes drying time after application.

These two snaps are taken without flash.
This snap is taken immediately after the application of the lipstick.see the glossy texture.

After few minutes it turn into matte finish.

These are in flash.

Now the Pros:
Really nice shade.
Stay 4-6 hours .
Survive in food and drink but became little lighter may or may not need to touch up (as your wish).
The Cons:
As you can see in the above pictures that the lipstick is matte finish thus shows the crease, although i don't have problem with that.
It makes your lips little dry (but i am ok with that) so can be applied along with a gloss or lip balm.
A mild smell is present which i don't bother but may create problem to those having strong smelling power ! :)

My Recommendation:Yes.
My ratings:4.5 out of 5 (just trying to being a little loyal).

Do you have any other shade of this brand? which one? do share with me.
Here comes an end of my post.See you in my next article.
Feel free to post ! till then keep smiling with pink lips ! :)


  1. tao color suits u very much

  2. i have same shade and i love is luking very good on you..:)

  3. @smita and puja thanks a lot for your compliments. :blush :blush

  4. The shade is pretty on you :)
    Wear a white dress and with this lipstick, you gonna look like angel :)
    I'm following you :)

    And I liked your Punchtab thing also. Can I know more about it ?

  5. thank you for your comment and for following me apoorva :)
    Well go to punchtab and u can instal the widget of this badge in your blog too.:)

  6. Such a pretty shade....n its looking really nice on u...
    will surely try this out... :)


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