Monday 6 August 2012

The Nailpolish I Win In A Giveaway !

Hello everybody,

 This time my post is quite different than usual.Those who follow my blog already found that i didn't post any article related to nails or nail polish as it is little tough for me to post about something related to nails as my nails as i have to keep my nails short for my baby ! :( 
But this time my article is related to nails...yes,it is.Here is the Nyx girls nail polish in sexy plum which i win in a giveaway of one my friend Puja Malhotra.

Actually credit of my this post goes to her because the color i got from Puja is so nice that i can't stop myself to post an article related to that ! 

But before watching all the pictures of my nails it is my request that don't look on my unfiled nails just look the color of the nail polish (as it being tough to keep long,filed nails for a mother of a 10 months old kid)..Here is the pics...enjoy !

Hope you all like my article...i mean "come on i know beside all those nail arts and manicured gorgeous nails my article is a little bit immature one,so i don't expect any hi-fi comments from my friends",Still who doesn't love a little appreciation...! :)
Feel free to post !


  1. thanks for the post ...i am glad you liked the shade....this is really looking very good on your hands...i can understand when u have a little baby u can't grow your nails but motherhood is very beautiful..haina..:)

  2. yes puja the shade is really nice and yes being a mother make u feel really a complete person.u can sacrifice everything for that i bet ! :)

  3. congrts.....tao yaar ...bless me...someday I also win a giveawayz;)

  4. nice shade!! deep maroon... i like theshade

  5. @yendrilla yes it is really nice shade ! :)


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