Sunday 9 September 2012

Diana of london 2000 kisses in Apricot red !

Here i am with my second lipstick from Diana of london 2000 kisses in shade apricot red.After a very nice experience with the the shade "berry pink" from DOL [see the review here] i am up with the another shade.

Shade:-Apricot red

I brought it from 2 months ago !
The swatches of the lipstick in different light !

Now in short the pros and cons:-
  • Lovely shade !
  • love the packaging.transparent one so that choosing shades is easier !
  • easy to carry.
  • Suits Indian skin well but with fair complexion.
  • pigmented ,so help to hide pigmented lips.
  • matte finish .
  • long stays without intake of food and drinks.but leave a nice stain after meal,which also looks good.

  • Expensive 
  • dries out my lips.have to use lip balm on it...still i love it.
  • As it is little drying so shows the creases and lines on the lips !
  • the smell is little odd but it is good that it vanishes after few minutes.

Well in short 'I LOVE IT' .i will repurchase DOL again but another shade. :)
i love the shade so much that i thought to buy another and placed it on my giveaway !
I hope you like my review.
Wanna try it? then do enter in my giveaway to win this shade.[ click here]


  1. Nice Review and beautiful shade.It looks gud on you.
    Hey I have an award for you on my blog.Do check it out

    1. heyyyyyyyy ! thanks for your comment.i will visit your blog !


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