Sunday 9 September 2012

Khadi Herbal conditioner in Orange lemongrass !

 My previous post was Khadi Herbal Shampoo in honey & almond Shampoo[see review here]....a shampoo is incomplete without a here is my review of Khadi Herbal Conditioner in orange lemongrass that i brought from online store along with the shampoo !
here is the picture of the conditioner.


Benefits:- Khadi orange and lemongrass hair conditioner is a wonderful moisturizer that revitalizes and strengthens damaged hair.
Usage:- Massage a appropriate quantity into wet hair .leave for two minutes,rinse well.

Price :-Rs.120/- for 210ml

The conditioner comes in a plastic bottle just like the shampoo one in a low quality plastic bottle.
the conditioner is off white in color.smells like lemon [i never expected that it will smells so good,good for nose too ! ]
The conditioner comes in a flip cap bottle !
 Now my experience with this conditioner:-
 Really good conditioner !!!
Moistens my hair making it soft and smooth.
I love the smell and the effect it leaves on my hair !

Now the pros and cons in point wise [to make it short & to the point]

all the points are similar to the shampoo,i mean i like the both products for these same they are-
  • Require less amount to work up good lather.
  • Smells nice.the fragrance lingers on for few hours even after the wash.
  • cheap 
  • Easy availability in online stores
  • Travel friendly plastic bottle.
  • A clear and simple packing which is quite appealing to the customer who believe in herbal products.
  • The effects of the conditioner really last long .

only one !!!
  •  As the shampoo conditioner is thick so little difficult to take out the product from the bottle through the flip cap opening.[ i usually remove the flip cap which lead to broad mouth of the bottle to take out the shampoo ! ]
My ratings:-4.5/5 for the thickness.
Will i buy it again?
as i told you that being shoppaholic i love to try different brand so may be i will stick to it or not...
but i must say this product is just a fresh breeze for dry and damaged hair !
So it worth a try !
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