Sunday 9 September 2012

Khadi Herbal Shampoo in honey & almond

I know i didn't post anything for one week actually i was busy with my giveaway ! But here i am up with a new product that i recently brought from an online store !
Khadi Herbal Shampoo in honey & almond Shampoo.
Here is the picture of it !

Now what the company claims:-
Khadi honey & almond shampoo is the best for dry & brittle hair.It will restore vitality,make hair lustrous,soft & manageable.

The Shampoo is red in color.a nice fragrance that lingers on for few hours after bath in hair...
The shampoo is thick in nature.

Price:-Rs.95/- for 210ml.
Self -life:-2 years.

In Flash

In normal light

Now my experience with this shampoo:-
I know reading a long post is really boring so here are the pros and cons in point wise !!!

  • Require less amount to work up good lather.
  • Smells nice.the fragrance lingers on for few hours even after the wash.
  • cheap 
  • Easy availability in online stores
  • Travel friendly plastic bottle.
  • A clear and simple packing which is quite appealing to the customer who believe in herbal products.
  • The plastic bottle is low quality .can easily tappered.
  • As the shampoo is thick so little difficult to take out the product from the bottle through the flip cap opening.[ i usually remove the flip cap which lead to broad mouth of the bottle to take out the shampoo ! ]
  • Although they claims to moisten dry and brittle hair but don't found it moisten my hair that much still i am OK with no harmful chemicals in it ! .[ NO PARABENS   :D]
My ratings:- 4/5 only for the cons.

Will i repurchase? well i love to try different brand so can't promise to stick to it but if you wanna something herbal then it is trustworthy.


  1. @Prerana you can tried is cheap and good if you r looking for something not harsh for your hair.

  2. i never heard of this shampoo before !it sounds promising :)

  3. Hi....nice review.....cud u plz tell me if it helped wid hairfall control?

    1. I don't think it will deal with hair just moisten dry hair i think !


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