Sunday 12 May 2013

Etude house Lipsticks !

Well,I am bit tired now a days doing reviews ...Actually i think this is the only thing "review" that i hate to do...such a long way...same manner,same way...i am bored and i think my readers too are tired to read this time just a simple way and little changes in my writing ...

Etude house...recently I just got attracted to this brand particularly...May be this is the only Korean brand that I use to read and see lot of reviews and pictures in most of the blog ...[ yes i admit i read blogs :)....i am also a learner ] I thought to give a try to it.But at first I was not sure about the price so when I search eBay..and I found from eBay they are pretty affordable and see what I brought :)

I brought two Lipsticks which are Rs.590 /- each including shipping...from here

I brought PK001 AND PK007....

The lipsticks comes in a cute packaging...with a small metal bow at the end part of the pink case which is really nice and elegant :)

The Shades are pretty good and specially a heart sign in the lipsticks add a special look to them :)

Here are the swatches of the lipsticks [sorry for writing wrong name so have to edit back :( ]

And here is a lip swatch of one lipstick :)

The lipsticks are little bit satin in texture.Pigmentation is really nice 2-3 swipes is enough to get the actual color :)
The staying power is not so good as it can't survive a full meal but easily survive in snacks.
It easily transfer to cup or glass while drinking tea,coffee or water which i just hate it...otherwise its really good.
My conclusion is ...these lipsticks are good in winter only as in summer they tend to bleed a little.

Well,this is my first off bit writing of a so-called "review"....let me know how you liked it :)
See you in my next post...!

Today's thoughts:-

 "no matter how you look in the mirror...just believe in yourself that you are beautiful"


  1. Its a nice review Toa Di.. :) But i think the swatches and the shade mentioned is wrongly done. 01 and 07

  2. Nice shades! And the packaging is wow!

  3. The packaging is super duper cute! And i loved PK0001 shade....

  4. Nice d lippies

  5. sooo the shades

  6. Love the colours.. in fact i have a similar shade like PK0001! I think its called Love Clover from Oriflame. I kinda love it these days :D

    1. Hey preety you are right :) its true that the shade PK0001 is really nice color :)


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